19 May 2011

Shell Island and A Change Is Afoot


Hiya and welcome to the latest chapter of my blog. Again, it has been longer than anticipated in updating this, so apologies to my regular readers.

Shell Island

So Wemnog and I gathered three teenage lads together for a few days away on Shell Island in Wales.  We fooled them in to thinking that they were staying overnight at ours so that we could have an early morning set off. When they arrived just after 11.00pm we told them that were actually setting off at midnight. They were up for it so we set off, arriving on Shell Island at around 5.00am. We had the first cache in hand by 7.20am  This Daughter Went To The Seaside http://coord.info/GC24VBB An easy enough cache, and very nice to find one on arrival. The only other one on the island is near to the naturist beach, we had planned on getting that one, but the weather wasn't warm enough this time, even though the lads were up for it. We are going back later in the year so I am sure that we will get it then.
We didn't do much caching over the next few days, purely because we were busy doing other stuff. However, we did find a few sidetracked caches and also this one Scotch Baptism Well http://coord.info/GC1QK76

Scotch Baptism Well

A couple of photos here of the well, not sure that I would like to have been dunked in it though!

The sidetracked caches were some of the better ones that I have found being in really nice rural locations. As I said, we didn't do much caching at all this time, purely because of other stuff going on and the time limits that we had.
If anyone reading this from the UK ever gets a chance to camp on Shell Island, I do recommend it, especially if you like a laid back, free and easy holiday. You can find more details about it here. http://www.shellisland.co.uk/ People of all ages can enjoy it and there are some great places to explore around the area. You can camp pretty much anywhere on the island and these days they even allow camper vans, though this time we did it the old fashioned way....in tents.

Our camp
 Changes Are Afoot

Changes are coming with Jacaru! Firstly the Ebay shop will be closing as of the end of this month. Sales are down and it isn't financially viable to keep it running any longer. So if you want to grab yourself a coin it will need to be sooner rather than later. http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Jacaru-Geocoins Along with the shop closing, the Jacaru name is also likely to come to an end. Although I am not 100% certain on this one yet, the chances are that next time you read the blog it will be under a different name. For this reason you will need to contact me for the new name otherwise you won't be able to access the blog and obviously the blog address will also change. If you want to be kept informed privately about this please feel free to contact me here over the next few days and I can sort out letting you know of the planned change date.

Other Stuff

Jacaru may be going, but geocaching will definately continue, and I am pleased to tell you that the courier will be arriving today with my latest cache. This one has been made for me by caching friend Mushroom Mike from Saundersfoot in Wales. I did his version of this cache a few months back and it impressed me so much that I contacted him and asked him whether he would consider making me a replica of it. He very kindly did, and it should go live in the next few days. More info on that one when it is up and running. This will be my 100th cache placement. That includes events and obviously by now, some of the earlier caches have retired.


Following on from this I decided to have a look through my profile to see where I was at. So far I have awarded 28 favourite points to caches.........21 of these have been to traditional caches, 2 to multi caches, 4 to puzzle caches and 1 point to a virtual cache. Just looking through them again, I have challenged myself to find an overall favourite, I think it has to be this one ~ http://coord.info/GC21WYM Bomber Command by The Bolas Heathens, purely because I enjoyed exploring the area so much and finding the wreck of the car. I know that I have posted this picture before, but I make no apologies for posting it again as I really like it.

At the top of the blog from now on you will see a number. This number will be how many caches I have found. Just so that you can see how busy (or quiet) I have been on the caching front.

That's it for now, more news and views soon, until then.............happy caching.