20 Dec 2011

Happy Christmas

Just a quick not to apologise for not updating recently. What with one thing and another we have been spending a lot of time up in Warrington over the last couple of weeks and this has seriously curtailed our caching activities. Having said that, we did manage one 5/1 cache, so that's another one off the list. As usual all D and T ratings are subjective to a cache owners (and finders) perspective and as a lot of people are built differently, both in mental and physical ability, what is easy for one is difficult for another.

As I write this I have one cache that was published on 30th November that still hasn't been found. I am quite surprised really as I showed the puzzle to some caching friends over in Warrington and they worked out the puzzle really quickly.

Anyway, that was just a quick update and apology. I hope that you have a great christmas and a brilliant new year.

I will leave you with another Interview With A Cacher, this time John Stead, a long time cacher who has been part of the game since 2001.


How long have you been caching for?

Over ten years – registered on 4th February 2001 and found first cache on 14th April 2001 (less than 40 in UK at the time and had to go 100+ miles!)

How did you get in to geocaching?

Not sure now but think I saw a reference in a forum relating to Garmin as I had used a GPS for some years for walking

Favourite type of cache

No favourites really as location is to me more important though I have solved several puzzles and not yet found the caches.

Favourite size of cache

Anything bigger than a nano, though in the right place they can be good too.

Are you a TB hunter and do you enjoy moving them on?

Yes, 789 so far

Do you send TB’s and coins out of your own?

Yes, 34+ so far

Series or single caches?


Your favourite find?

Probably GCF0 Scotland's First

Fair weather or any weather?

Mainly fair weather now (I am 75)

Your very first find?

GC295 Mott the Hoople – a bit of an adventure as it was in a country park and until I was leaving I did not realize that entry was prohibited because of Foot and Mouth with a penalty of £2,000!

On your own or with someone else?

Mostly on my own as the friend I started with is no longer very mobile, but I do enjoy going out with a crowd at an Event.

Furthest cache from home?

GC13QB5 In Memory Of (Namibia) 5382 miles

Best bit of advice for other cachers?

Have fun

What’s in your caching bag?

Spare log sheets, 35mm film box, towel, self-inking stamp, pen and pencil (including write anywhere), sharpener, scissors,Garmin Colorado, binoculars, gardening gloves, compass, Tbs, swaps

Any cache that you have heard about that you really want to find?

Oldest in Wales

Do you get involved with forums or give them a miss?

Used to waste a lot of time but got fed up with some of the agression and stupidity displayed so now am a rare visitor.

Many thanks again to John and the others who have answered questions over the last few months. More to come next year.
With three Mega's in the UK next year it is sure to be a busy time for cachers in this country and for overseas visitors. We hope to be able to attend at least two of them, if not all three. Until then, we have some puppies due to be born in January, so if anyone is after a Border Collie to keep them company on their caching adventures, let us know. Photos will be posted as and when.
Merry Christmas

2 Dec 2011

Mega 2013

Just a very quick note to say that I am pleased to announce that the Mega Midlands committee have now had confimation that the UK Mega in 2013 is going to be held in the Midlands.

No more details at present, but as things happen I will be posting them here and of course news will also be posted on the Groundspeak and GAGB forums by members of the committee.

With the 2012 Mega being held in the North West, and the liklihood of 2014 being up in Scotland again, this is a great opportunity for us to show what the Midlands has to offer.

Congratulations to all who have been involved.