29 Jun 2010

Jacaru's Latest Geocoin ~ First Draft

I received the first draft, which is very rough, today of my latest geocoin that I am having made. There are quite a lot of changes to be made but I thought that my blog followers may like to be the first to see it. Some wording and colours are going to be changed. Hopefully when I have approved the coin it will go in to production and I should have the first 100 coins with me around the beginning of September. I'll keep you informed.

28 Jun 2010


As way of apology to my Ebay customers who have had to wait for their orders, they were posted this morning by first class recorded mail, they should be with you tomorrow.

I really do have a problem with letting my customers down, I have always prided myself on getting orders out quickly.

Now how about this one?

As some of you may have seen I sell laminated cache calling cards. This should explain itself. They are calling cards and they are laminated.

I posted 100 out to a customer last week, he has emailed me today and said that he won't be leaving feedback as the cards are shiny but not laminated, so not as described!!!!

I have emailed him back, told him to peel the corner of one of the cards and he will, lo and behold, be able to peel the laminating covering away.
I also offered him a full refund if he returns the cards to me. Surprise surprise, he hasn't replied.

27 Jun 2010

Well, I am back, after a few days away, due to the internet crashing, arguments with my ISP and then floods at a relatives house to contend with as well. Sorry to all my Ebay customers as this held up a lot of orders. They are now all sorted, packed and ready for posting tomorrow morning.

17 Jun 2010

After planning to do quite a lot of caching yesterday, once again time caught up with us. We eventually did two caches, GC1CEW1 and GCXN9A. The second one Wemnog and I had tried a few months back, when we were quite naiive and timid cachers. This time we found it easily. It helped that we also know the cache owner now, although we didn't ask for any hints at all.

This also turned out to be my 400th cache. Not bad for someone who only planned on doing 50 a year ~ 18 months ago!

In the evening we met up with some caching friends who are known collectively at the Notts Geocachers. These aren't to be mistaken with the emcache people, The Notts Geocachers are by far a friendlier bunch.

We spent the afernoon enjoying the sunshine in the garden, with the hens in the pen and the two geodogs and the geopup resting in the shade. It also gave us a chance to start planning our next series and working out just what crafty caches we can put out. I'm not giving any hints as to what those may be just yet though.

15 Jun 2010

I almost have the money together now to start thinking about the next geocoin. I have got three different ideas for it. Originally I was going to have another Border Collie coin produced, but since sales of the 2010 coin have slowed right down, it may be time to give that one a rest. My other two ideas are for a Robin Hood coin, or for a court jester coin.

So far I have used Oakcoins for making my coins, but this time I think that I am going to go to a European manufacturer. I will keep you informed.

14 Jun 2010

Well, in the end we didn't get much caching done. The SMART car had a flattish battery and the owner had tried to remap it themselves. Not a good move, especially with the cheap equipment that you can get on Ebay. Anyway, after much faffing about time was getting on. Wemnog, geodogs Meg & Rum and geopup Fen did one quick cache along the canal. Not the most inspiring of caches that we have done, but worth doing anyway. The cache was GC26D7Q Here is a photo of Fen with her first ever cache find. This was also her first time on a lead as well, so she had a big day out! Photo taken on Garmin 550t.
Wemnog and I are off to Bloxwich today to remap a car, so no doubt we will be doing a bit of caching whilst we are there. I have got a few TB's and GC's that I have had for too long which I need to move on.

13 Jun 2010

Welcome to my all new, never been done anywhere before..blog. My intention is to tell you about my geocaching adventures, along with Wemnog and the geodogs..Meg & Rum + geopup, 8 week old Fen.