13 Sep 2011

3 Events In 7 Days and In The News


3 Events In 7 Days

We feel really priviliged that so many people attended the 3 events that we have run in the last couple of weeks. It totalled 3 events in just 7 days.

We started with the Summer's End camping event at the beginning of the month. We were a little disappointed as we arrived to see only two tents already erected but the lack of campers didn't dampen what turned out to be a very well attended affair.

As there were only a few of us on the Friday night we decided to form a team and enter the local village quiz night. Between us we had enough brain power to come a very respectable 2nd out of 11 teams and we won ourselves a tenner in the process. 

A couple of photos of our team members, above we have fonecacher and killercache and to the right we have Mick & Lynn Jenkinson.

The following day everyone dispersed and went and did some caching.

We didn't do many, as we are always in the area anyway we decided to do just the Thornsett Band series by Ellie Bob. The First in the series Thornsett Band #1 Town Hall brought back some memories as I briefly worked in the Town Hall when I left school and up until recently my sister worked in the library which is situated next door.
The town hall itself is a beautiful piece of Victorian architecture.

New Mills Town Hall

As the evening event approached car upon car turned up at the campsite and as the chilli warmed up the groups of people it was good to meet lots of new cachers as well as greet some old friends from previous events. The weather stayed fine for us and the evening drew to a close around midnight.

Not too many decent pics of this one but just a couple here for you.

As people packed up on Sunday it was time to do just one last cache before we all left. Wemnog and myself accompanied killercache and fonecacher to Hockerley Tracks http://coord.info/GC2XAT2 I am not going to post a photo of this one as it would give too much away and it isn't fair on cache owners or other cachers to post spoilers.      
The events continued in to the following weekend when we had the first of the two launch events for the Nottingham to Nottingham TB race. The weather was a little unpredictable for this one so we decided not to risk the orignally planned barbeque and went for another chilli, this time with meatballs. Again, we were well chuffed with the number of people who turned up, including helennbrian and their family all the way from Essex and thepanteras from Peterborough.  After the event it was time for the hotel to go live so we had to rush out and place all the racing bugs in to the hotel. The total number of UK entries came to 45 which went far beyond what I originally expected when I came up with the idea for the race.

The following day we held the Breakfast Club event, again this was to publicise the hotel and to help get some of the racers moving. This final event was again well attended and I think that we gave the breakfast chef a bit of a shock as more and more people continued to turn up. In the end our group was so large that we had not only taken over one large alcove of the pub, but had to spread out in to other areas. It was a shame that some people arrived just as the chef was shutting down. The reason being that they got stuck in traffic due to the amount of people around heading out to watch the Nottingham Marathon. Sorry Border Caz, I was looking forward to a long chat with you.                                                                                                                                                

In The News

The Nottingham to Nottingham race made the news on Groundspeaks own blog yesterday. We got a nice write up which you can read here http://blog.geocaching.com/2011/09/nottingham-to-nottingham-travel-bug-race/

Finally, back to some serious caching this weekend. We have a trail of 48 caches to do over 20 miles or so at some point. I am sure there will be more about it next week.

Thanks for reading, have a good week and see you soon.

5 Sep 2011

Summer's End

More about our Summer's End event in a few days time, but for now, I have been sent this link by phonecacher who took this photograph for us. Thought you might like to see it to be going on with.


1 Sep 2011

Busy Week

It's been a busy week here in Nottingham. The blog has had an influx of people looking at it, there has been an increased flow from America and Mansfield here in Nottinghamshire. I can't think who that is (LOL) It's okay don't worry, it's a personal joke between myself and my partner. 

Thank you all for visiting, it's great to know that you find what I have to say so interesting!

After a few quiet weeks,  we have now been inundated with orders for geocoins, both through the Ebay shop but also by phone, but the remapping enquiries and bookings have also increased, again a lot of the bookings have come from people following our links above.  So much so that it looks like over the next few weeks we are going to be all over the country again. It will be good to get out and get more caching done in some new areas.

We have also been busy preparing for upcoming events. We have some geocoins to give out to competition winners that have been specially made.

 We have found a good series to point people in the direction of as well whilst they are in the area. The weather forecast is improving as well, always good news as the beginning of this week wasn't the best.

My sister and her family are staying at our house while we are away and we are leaving them with our old Garmin, loaded with some decent caches and she has said that they may venture out and see what caching is all about (always good to get some potential new recruits) and someone needs to look after the hens.

Next week should see the finalisation of another event that we are planning on holding in the next few months, more of that when it comes to fruition.

Next time I will have some news about a new type of cache that is being set, one that is causing a bit of controversy in different places due to a commercial aspect that has come in to it,  and it will be interesting to see if and how it develops in this country.

As always, thanks for reading, it is great to look at the stats at the end of each month and see how many visitors the blog gets from different countries. There has been a constant stream of supportive messages posted as well from readers which are always great to receive, as well as the emails that I get from people more local who tell me lots of very interesting information that I keep in reserve should I ever need to use it! (thanks guys, you know who you are)

Finally, all content of this blog is protected by copyright and always has been. No part should be copied on to any other site without my express permission.