25 May 2012

Quiet Times

Since the last blog things have been fairly quiet on the caching front. We nipped down to London for a day out last Saturday and revisited the British Library cache http://coord.info/GC2M0AF to drop some trackables off. There were quite a few in the cache so I picked some up to move on, including the biggest TB that I have ever picked up. As I have said before this is an excellent cache that takes a bit of work, but if you have the time and are down in the capital, do try and do it.  We were there with Keith's son and one of his mates. His mate, Lewis has done a little bit of caching with us in the past. We took him to another favourite cache in Soho Square which he successfully found without help. However, just after he had replaced it we found ourselves being stopped by a couple of plain clothed Met officers asking what we were doing. Once explained, all was well. It all adds to another caching story to tell. The cache isn't too far from the Bruce Denny sculptures in the square.

Bruce Denny Sculptures (Soho Square)

Whilst in Manchester doing some reposession work we did have chance to find one cache which intrigued us. It was one of those places that you drive past and automatically think that there should be a cache there. We parked up and checked the phones and sure enough, there was.

Long Lost Tracks http://coord.info/GC3B1FF is placed in a retail park. I'll not go in to any more detail and let you read the cache page for yourself. This photo may whet your appetite more. I was very surprised that this cache didn't have any favourites on it. Needless to say, I soon awarded it one. The cache was a very apt find with the Queen's Jubilee coming up soon.

Long Lost Tracks


Our good friend Barbara, aka Dragonlady held a very successful event the other evening. With the decent weather finally having arrived we were able to sit out in the beer garden and have a good catch up with friends old and new. The pub was right beside the canal so the occasional chug of a narrow boat going by added to the atmosphere. The next Dragonlady event is already in the planning stages and should be published soon.

My next three events are all published and look set to be busy. One of them, is part of the 9th World Wide Flash Mob which will be held at the same time throughout the world. Groundspeak recently announced that there would be a souvenir for people attending any of the flash mob events.

As summer progresses more outside events are happening and locally to us there is going to be a CITO event held which we are hoping to attend. http://coord.info/GC3KY09 

Quite a lot of camping events are looming as well all over the country. We will be at Piratemania V and also the Mega up in Cumbria.

Finally, a fun photo to leave you with. As I mentioned before I picked up a rather large TB when down in London. Here he is, this is Fun Ship Freddy, all 1 feet tall of him. He started off in Washington, did a bit of touring in the Carribean and Alaska, and then paid a visit to Groundspeak Headquarters before ending up in London.

He is going to travel with me for a while and then I am going to drop him off in a large cache that I know.

Keep happy, keep caching and enjoy the weather. More soon.