29 Nov 2011

Coming Soon

We are just negotiating with a well known supplier of quality dog leads to have some especially embroidered trackable dog leads made. We should have some available soon on Ebay and also in other caching outlets. As soon as we have the first one I will post photos here to let people see.

Meanwhile, it is good to see that my archived caches are now being replaced locally by some newish and not so new cachers. It is great because our numbers are adding up nicely. It is good to see that my Beggar's Belief cache in Nottingham City Centre already has a replacement in the same position, that's a definate to grab during the next few days of Christmas shopping.

Out caching yesterday it was great to meet up with PlasmaWave again and to meet Spire67 for the first time. We had quite a long chat which proved quite enlightening in more ways than one.

We are beginning to plan an event that will be held over the new year period and hope from initial enquiries it looks like there will be a good turnout for that.

No photos just yet, but more coming soon. Enjoy the shorter days as much as you can and go grab those numbers.

27 Nov 2011

Playing Nicely

Seeing that some people still seem to dislike anything I have to say on my blog, it is sad that I am now posting to say that a group of us had a meeting a couple of weeks ago with Adam (bobbinz)  who is now the owner of Emcache and had a very interesting discussion with him regarding some members of that forum. It was very interesting that we seemed to come to the same conclusion as to who had been targeting my caches and sending emails.  If you cannot guess which people I am talking about I would suggest that you ask Adam to explain further.

When you see that this is the kind of thing being written locally then you know that there is a problem

santa_is_dead: i see svens cache is found....and shock the two wankers claim a blank logbook.

It comes as no surprise that another message came in this evening after my post regarding the GAGB elections, and apart from anything else goes to show how sad a few individuals are try to spoil caching for the majority.

If you do have anything to say to me, man up about it and use your name rather than sending annonymous messages, it really does show you for the cowards that you are. Now run along and play nicely.

GAGB Election Results

More on our latest caching exploits soon, but I just wanted to mention that the GAGB elections have just been completed and it is good to see that the electorate have voted for a decent set of people in whom we can trust to represent the nationwide caching community fairly and without prejudice.

Congratulations to all the committee members.

22 Nov 2011

Milestones and More


As you can see from the above number, there has been quite a jump in cache finds since I last entered a total. In fact this weekend we found 59 caches and there were 3 DNF's.

Most of this post will be of photographs taken over the weekend. My 1000th wasn't anything too spectacular, whereas Wemnog's was a spectacular Earthcache.

Over the course of the weekend we did an amazing 8 Earthcaches, all different and interesting in their own ways. We saw some stunning scenery whilst doing the Earthcaches, including one place that could have come from a Doctor Who, or post apolocalypic film set.

We found some excellent traditional caches as well whilst visiting the area. As I said, this edition of the blog is mainly to show you some things visually that we saw over the weekend rather than quoting information about this cache or that cache, so enjoy.

As we and others often say, one of the great things about caching is that you see places that you haven't visited, or dreamt of visiting.

This is an area that I knew well from years gone by, but I saw so many new things and areas that I just didn't know existed.

So it is always worth doing that bit of research if you are visiting an area and not just plonk some caches on the GPS and hope for the best. I guess next milestone for me will be 1500, my aim is to reach that one by March next year. People may sometimes say that it's not about the numbers, but do you know what, actually, sometimes it is. Why, because if I hadn't been chasing that magic 1000 mark I wouldn't have done half as many caches over the weekend and therefore not seen so many wonderful places.

Finally, it's always great to meet new enthusiastic cachers who you know, right from the first moment that you meet them, are going to be great people to have not only as fellow cachers, but friends as well. I reckon that there will be some amazing new caches right here in Nottingham very soon. You know whose don't you............Nigel and Jacqui, it's over to you.

Have a good week everyone and hello to my superfans, the small number who can't help reading this blog, even though they really don't want to, especially cos it winds them up so much................just in case they get a mention..........don't worry, you won't, and to everyone else, as Brucie and Tess might say.................Keeeeeeeeeeeeep caching!

18 Nov 2011

Good Weekend

Well with a forecast for a decent weekend weather wise it should be good for caching.

We haven't done much over the last few days, apart from planning a new cache that should go out in the next few weeks. Something different that I hope people will enjoy, we are having fun sorting it out.  I wasn't sure whether it would be possible or not, but having spoken to a couple of the reviewers I now know that it is.

In other exciting news, we have decided that next year will be the year that we finally set a date for our civil partnership, so watch this space.

The other major news that I keep promising you is coming, soon, and yes it will be great news for cachers everywhere, and something that I am really pleased to be involved with.

Finally, the North West Mega Committee have now announced that they have sorted out a camping venue for next years event. Details can be found on their website http://www.mega2012.org.uk/ The third coin in the series is also now available for sale, or you can order the full set, with the final coins being released next year, again, details are available on their website.

That's it, have a good weekend, go and find loads and enjoy yourselves, after all, that's what it's supposed to be about.

14 Nov 2011


Myself and another local cacher recently had reason to make a complaint to Groundspeak, I won't go in to the reasons here, they have been well documented in the past.

Since then the majority of my caches have been either removed or destroyed, as have a few of those of the other complainant. In the last couple of days I decided to archive most of my caches rather than go to the expense of replacing them. No great loss to me as it frees up a lot of my time taken up in maintenance visits. I am not for one minute saying it is the person that we complained about, but maybe one of their supporters.

However, last night I received this email:~ Forgive their bad use of the English language.

"you and your little hacking buddy need to stop upsetting the community

else the community might take exception and do something about it

as you may know you're caches are missing the majority of them

stop being a dick and we'll stop treating you like one

where watching closely

anymore bullshit from you and they will all go constantly

no more games play nice and we will play nice"

The sender of the email wasn't brave enough to give me their name, or names.

I posted this email on to various other sites to guage reaction and was pleased to hear from a couple of police officers from different parts of the country who informed me that as this amounted to a direct threat I could take legal action.

I then received this annonymously, some posts from the local forum:~

[Today at 10:43:56 PM] Spire67: Someone has removed a lot of Jacaru's caches. I know he isn't popular on here, but it sucks when anyones caches are stolen. After all its cachers in general that are the losers.

[Today at 10:47:31 PM] JayJayBee8: Had noticed he'd archived a lot around colwick Woods, hadn't seen the missings

[Today at 10:48:28 PM] Lord Boogie: That is sad . His caches never did anybody an harm!

[Today at 10:48:59 PM] smudger105e: Reckon its a cacher who has a grudge, or just one of those things?

[Today at 10:49:15 PM] Lord Boogie: But as ye sow so shall ye reap!

[Today at 10:49:29 PM] mrspinkrat: Has just posted here: Re: Song Links.

[Today at 10:50:06 PM] Bobbinz: @Spire67 a pm for you, when I get home too.

[Today at 10:52:07 PM] skybluesbazza: @mrspinkrat whooooooooooooooooo?

[Today at 10:53:20 PM] santa_is_dead: I didn't know about Jacarus caches, but have you seen the drivel he's been writing on his blog?

[Today at 10:54:07 PM] Bobbinz: Yes.

[Today at 10:54:21 PM] mrspinkrat: Has just posted here: Re: Do you remember when....

[Today at 10:55:43 PM] santa_is_dead: bloke has a screw loose, I might report his off cache ramblings. He's even done it via an avatar on GAGB somebody tells me.

[Today at 10:57:24 PM] Bobbinz: Can I just remind you that the shoutbox is semi public before this convosation goes any further.

[Today at 10:58:14 PM] skybluesbazza: Has just posted here: Re: Do you remember when....

[Today at 10:59:02 PM] santa_is_dead: b

[Today at 10:59:53 PM] Bobbinz: b?

[Today at 11:02:55 PM] santa_is_dead: typo....am aware of that, just stating the facts. (apart from the screwloose), did you see him refer to emcache members as the guilty party?

[Today at 11:03:28 PM] santa_is_dead: "one or two mindless cachers from the East Midlands caching (community)"

[Today at 11:04:05 PM] santa_is_dead: should I switch to secure channel FB?

[Today at 11:07:25 PM] Spire67: I understand why he is not popular. But fanning the flames is only going to cause a bigger fire. Out of which none of us are going to be winners. I am not saying he is right or wrong. Nor am I saying you are right or wrong.

[Today at 11:08:10 PM] Spire67: I am just saying when you find a hornets nest you dont poke it with a stick. Let sleeping dogs lay and all that.

[Today at 11:09:21 PM] geoibsons: yeah i'm just pee'd off that one of my tbs has got caught up in that rubbish. oh well

[Today at 11:11:25 PM] OnlyMeUK: you and your little hacking buddy need to stop upsetting the community else the community might take exception and do something about it as you may know you're caches are missing the majority of them stop being a dick and we'll stop treating you like o

[Today at 11:11:51 PM] OnlyMeUK: Quote

[Today at 11:12:45 PM] Spire67: @OMUK who are you addressing?

[Today at 11:13:04 PM] OnlyMeUK: no-one just quoting an email received by Jacaru

[Today at 11:13:16 PM] Bobbinz: Quote from where?

[Today at 11:13:20 PM] OnlyMeUK: Published on the GeM forum

[Today at 11:14:22 PM] Spire67: Ahh the post by Jacaru on the GeM facebook forum

[Today at 11:14:40 PM] Spire67: Which is quoting an email he received.

[Today at 11:14:49 PM] OnlyMeUK: so he needs to keep an eye out for someone who can't differentiate between your & you're

[Today at 11:14:57 PM] Bobbinz: Jacaru could not hack a wall with a hammer, let alone a website

[Today at 11:15:33 PM] Spire67: Just the sort of action / reaction we need to avoid

[Today at 11:15:51 PM] OnlyMeUK: "For information I have just received this email:~ you and your little hacking buddy need to stop upsetting the community else the community might take exception and do something about it as you may know you're caches are missing the majority of them"

[Today at 11:16:11 PM] OnlyMeUK: .."stop being a dick and we'll stop treating you like one where watching closely anymore bullshit from you and they will all go constantly no more games play nice and we will play nice"

[Today at 11:16:57 PM] skybluesbazza: Have been determined since my first find that this would always be a fun activity.

[Today at 11:17:00 PM] Bobbinz: Blimey.

[Today at 11:17:00 PM] Spire67: Well 90% of the population don't seem to know the difference between your & you're

[Today at 11:17:21 PM] skybluesbazza: I think we have a great community but with any community not all will see eye to eye!

[Today at 11:17:29 PM] Sven: What's going on? What's the gem forum?

[Today at 11:17:46 PM] Spire67: @SBB 100% agree

[Today at 11:18:05 PM] Spire67: @Sven its on facebook

[Today at 11:18:19 PM] Spire67: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/137568269677358/

[Today at 11:18:41 PM] Sven: oh he wont let me in there

[Today at 11:18:47 PM] OnlyMeUK: @spire speak for you're self! (oops)

[Today at 11:19:09 PM] Bobbinz: Same. I have given up trying

[Today at 11:19:31 PM] Sven: He's the hacker?

[Today at 11:19:41 PM] Sven: I don't understand what's going on?

[Today at 11:19:49 PM] OnlyMeUK: I wouldn't have thought so

[Today at 11:19:57 PM] Bobbinz: Definatley not the hacker

[Today at 11:20:08 PM] Spire67: Someone has removed the majority of Jacaru's caches

[Today at 11:20:30 PM] Spire67: And sent him an email which OMUK just quoted

[Today at 11:21:04 PM] Sven: Oh someone's threatening him

[Today at 11:21:15 PM] Sven: He probably sent it to himself, he loves the drama

[Today at 11:21:21 PM] Bobbinz: Not just removed, destroyed. I have no idea who eithet

[Today at 11:21:29 PM] Sven: He probably removed his own caches

[Today at 11:21:45 PM] Sven: Nothing would surprise me

[Today at 11:21:48 PM] OnlyMeUK: I was busy battering penguins when this latest sad episode came to light!

[Today at 11:22:09 PM] Bobbinz: LOL

[Today at 11:22:22 PM] Bobbinz: Bloody Pingu FTW

Worryingly, a few of these posts are by people who are hoping to represent the GAGB in the forthcoming committee elections.
I would urge anyone who has the opportunity to vote to think very carefully about who they are going to vote for.

8 Nov 2011

Muddy Logs


A Muddy Day

Another few under our belts this week. Accompanied by very occasional cacher Ashman-BMX we decided to go for a pretty new series,  Whissendine Wanders by Crafty Foxes. A nice series of 15 + bonus we planned to do it at the weekend when Ashman was free from work commitments. When we decided to do the series I contacted a previous finder to see whether the series could be done by bike or not.

Although the attributes didn't show bikes and the person I contacted said that some of it would be difficult we decided to go for it anyway. When we planned it we hadn't had the amount of rain that we then saw. Needless to say on Saturday when we reached the parking spot and looked at what was ahead we saw a field of mud ahead. Not one to balk at a challenge we were soon on the bikes and set off. We didn't get far before we were off the bikes again, they were so clogged with thick gooey mud that the wheels seized completely and we spent a good ten minutes clearing them before setting off again.

Still not giving in we carried on, stopping every few minutes to de clog the bikes. It made for a really enjoyable, if dirty day out.

Wemnog and some muddy bikes
Halfway round and still with loads to find we decided that it may be better to leave the rest for another day and do some drive bys. As we arrived at the end of a particularly muddy part and reached the road we spotted a couple of familiar faces sat in their car having a cuppa.

We headed over and had a natter with seasoned cacher darrach. It turns out that they had done the rest of the series apart from this one cache which we were about to look for. They had had a fruitless search for it a little while before and decided to stop for a cuppa before looking again. Joining forces the five of us continued to look and eventually Wemnog came up trumps and found the cache, some 40 feet away from the listed coords. This was the only cache in the whole series where the coords were out.

After signing the log and heading off to find a few more of the series that were on the road darrach caught us up again whilst we were waiting for a train to pass.

darrach at the level crossing

Although we didn't complete the series in one go it is one that I would recommend if you want a good walk (or cycle) and we will certainly be completing it in the not too distant future.

The bike rides the rider!!
We finished off the day with doing another couple of the Crafy Foxes drive by caches followed by a couple of the great little ongoing series by Treecrabs. The CKTV series is one that takes people back to their childhood days of TV watching. We have only done a couple of them, but heard good reports about all the whole lot.

Entertaining Logs

It's always fun to see logs coming in on your caches, or on those caches that you have been watching. The following log was neither, but one that was mentioned on Facebook. I reproduce it here with kind permission of the author who had been out to find a night cache.

"This has to be my most dramatic DNF ever!!

I am thinking of setting up a night cache myself, and as I was researching I noticed these two only 20mins away! It was only 9pm and I don't have to get up tomorrow so I set off.

My torch was not the best and so I found a couple of the reflectors difficult to find but I was ambling through and enjoying a night walk, listening to a couple of owls.

I had read the description carefully and was aware that there was open water around so I was being careful. I got up to a certain point and could not see the next reflector. I walked down the obvious path but didn't pick it up so went back. To the left, down a curb was what looked like a newly paved cycle path, with the sparkly bits reflecting in the moonlight. 'Maybe it take you down the cycle route a little way?' I thought. So I had thought I heard people walking along under the bridge close by, so didn't questions it. As I stepped off the small curb on the beautofully sparkly newly paved cycle path, my foot went through it. It was too late to pull back and I fell full into the canal!! I think it was covered in a weed, and it was so still, it looked solid!!

Maybe I am a lightweight cacher, but I did not continue, I emptied my wellies and headed back to the car, dripping as I went, and rushed home for a shower.

I read the warnings to be careful, and I thought I was, so this is totally my fault and I do not write this as a complaint, rather for my own catharsis and as a story to share!!

Sadly my smartphone/gps reader and my head torch are no longer working :(

update- 28/10/11 - After sitting in a bowl of lentils (I didn't have any rice) in the airring cupboard for the last three days, I tried turning on my phone and it worked!!!!! Will head back for the cache soon."

This log had a few people chuckling when it was pointed out to people. Again, I have to say thanks to the author for letting me copy it here.

Interview With A Cacher

Another in the occasional series now where a geocacher answers a few questions about their caching career. This time Team Blid435

How long have you been caching for?  Since November 2009.

How did you get in to geocaching? Through a Geocaching friend.

Favourite type of cache? Any, except puzzle caches, I'm not too good at those. Not good at caches that involve walking or climbing due to health problems.

Series or single caches? Either, but prefer drive bys due to reasons above.

Your favourite find? One of my favourites has got to be Schrödinger’s Ghostly Wormhole Paradox GC2HJYV.which I found with Rob and Ian 2Anchors and Jeff Jat2010. Very glad to have been supported by a great crew and doubly glad to have taken the risk to do it.
Fair weather or any weather? I do prefer decent weather, but have done a few in rain and snow.

Your very first find? Harry's Cache-The Quarries GC1EXVG.

On your own or with someone else? With Susie my faithful Geo-Westie.

Furthest cache from home? Platja de Ses Salines, Ibiza GC34J59. This one was extra special as I was FTF even though the app on my phone failed as I was about 100 metres from GZ so had to rely on my geocaching senses.

Favourite bit of advice for other cachers? Just get out there and enjoy yourself. It doesn't matter if you find one cache or several, just enjoy being out and about and finding places you never knew existed or that you wouldn't have visited if it hadn't been for geocaching.

What’s in your caching bag? Two or three pencils, pens, plastic bags, a multi tool, a couple of extendable magnetic probes, various items for swapping, a few spare log books of different sizes,a small torch, a UV light, a note book, camera, and a couple of medical items for emergencies, and my GAGBGeocoin which is dipped into each cache I find as a form of mileage checker.

Any cache that you have heard about that you really want to find? Not really I just take each cache as it comes.There are a few I would have liked to have done but again due too health restrictions have been rejected.

Thanks John

Piratemania V

Piratemania V has recently been published. As mentioned before this has already has Mega status for next year. This is a very friendly event and well worth a visit, even if it is just for the day. Along with the North West Mega up in Cartmel next year is going to be a good one for UK and overseas cachers. If anyone wants to know about a decent campsite up in the Lakes for the Mega let me know and I can tell you about a hidden gem that my man and me have used for years.

Piratemania V

Lastly for this week, the new Facebook page GeM is getting a good response and a healthy membership with some really interesting stuff being posted. If you want to join let me know and I can give you more details.

Not sure what we are up to later in the week, we have seen a few boat only caches that we may go for, though we have also been told about a few green lane caches that may just tempt us even more.
Have a good week.

1 Nov 2011

Flyovers, Pinfold's and Races


Flyovers and Pinfolds

We were up in Warrington again at the weekend and did a few caches up there. A couple that had been on the to do list for a while were a couple of traditionals near the Thelwall Viaduct, a motorway bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal. It is quite a structure. Our claim to fame is that Wemnog pressed the button to reveal the stone plaque at the official opening back in 1963.

The site of the main cache that we found, which was right under the bridge was the scene of police action earlier this year when over 5000 people attended an unofficial rave at the site.

Underneath Thelwall Viaduct
The cache container was missing, with just the lid and a few calling cards remaining. Luckily we had a spare container with us which we left as a replacement.

The other cache was nearby and gave us quite a view of the viaduct from a different angle as the sun was beginning to set.

Thelwall at sunset
Back in Nottingham we haven't had much time to do any caching but looking around we decided it was about time that we did some of our old friend Pinfold's caches.

We started off with doing a cache of his called The Cray Family of Wash Pit Lane. Having read some of the previous logs this one sounded fun and a little different. We packed the necessary equipment in the Jeep and headed off. It didn't take us long to find the cache but at the same time it did take us by surprise and definately earned a favourite point from me. I'm not going to say much else about it as that would spoil it for Pinfold, all I will say is that if you are in the area it is one that is worth doing for the fun factor.

So we had halloween last night and decided that it would be a good time to do a night cache. Not having done one before we had a look at what was available locally. We didn't actually know that Pinfold had one out so were pleasantly surprised when we came across Blind Panic. We set off as darkness fell and took the dogs with us for their walk. We weren't the best prepared as we only had one failing torch between us, hardly any battery life in the GPS and no jackets. Luckily it was a warm evening so tee shirts were sufficient, we used the torch sparingly and hoped that the batteries would last out in the Oregon. On reaching GZ it took us a few minutes to locate the necessary but once we did we found a container with 8 TB's inside! We haven't seen one for a long long time with that many in! After liberating them and replacing with a couple more it was time to head home. Another Pinfold cache worthy of a favourite point and another one that locals should put on their to do list.


A quick update on the TB races. The Nottingham To Nottingham race has a winner on the US side. The coin was picked up at an event in London last week and arrived in the TB hotel on Friday last week. The chap who picked the coin up ~ pinkpigredrat ~ arranged to meet me at the hotel so that I could see the coin entering the hotel. It did really well and made it from Nottingham, New Hampshire to Nottingham in very few moves and without any interference from anyone.

pinkpigredrat books in the winner
Coins and TB's from both UK and US entrants are now travelling well and it will be interesting to see when we get a UK winner over in the US.

Winning Coin and Winner's Coin

The other race, starting on January 1st, is getting quite a few entries now as well and seems to be taking off (pardon the pun) well.

The Nottingham (UK) TB Hotel is disabled at the moment for some refurbishment but will be open again this weekend. Some TB's are here at home ready to go in it when I replace the container for something smaller.

You may have noticed that I haven't done any more question and answer sessions that I started a couple of blogs back. I do have some stored that I will be using at a later date, so I haven't forgotten.

Finally, I keep promising you some exciting news and yes, it is coming, you really won't have to wait much longer now, just a little while longer.

Have a good week, enjoy the continuing good weather and go find some caches.