24 Aug 2013

Streaking and Cache Tags

Again, it has been a while. Wemnog and I have been busy streaking over the last month. This blooming awful August challenge has meant us doing something that we really didn't want to get in to. Finding a cache a day.

Neither of us are enjoying it, but now that we are near the end we will continue. We have managed every day so far, but it has been a bind. I certainly admire all those who can go for long streaks of caching, but sorry, it's not for me.

The important news is that my new venture, Cache Tags is doing really well. Sales are increasing all the time. I seem to be constantly at the post office. Sales to Norway and the USA are amazing, I sent three packages to Norway a couple of days ago.

If you want to see more you can find details here http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Cache-Tags?_rdc=1 which is the Ebay shop or here http://cachetags.co.uk/ which is the website. The Ebay shop is more up to date at the moment as we are currently struggling to find time to update the site, however it should be up to date by the end of the weekend.

If you see anything on Ebay that you fancy, just email me rather than buying it through there as it will obviously save on fees.

We are off to Great Yarmouth in the next couple of weeks to visit family and hopefully get some caching done. Other destinations planned are Brecon where my eldest son is now working and possibly a trip to Anglesey.

Again, apologies for the very hit and miss nature of the blog at the moment. I will try and do better.

One last thing, my man and I passed our 2000 mark last weekend. Very chuffed about that.

Happy caching.

7 Jun 2013

It's Been A While!

Hello, well, well, well, I'm back. It's a helluva long time since I last posted. So many caches later, so much water under the bridge, so where to start? Well, let's start afresh I suppose.

Maybe I won't post as often as I used to, but I'll give it a try.

Since the last post the Facebook group GeM (Geocaching Midlands) has really taken off, we currently stand at 530 members, not bad for a group that isn't yet two years old.

Events have grown, breakfast events we get upwards of 50 people, the Summer Camping event was larger last year than ever and looks like that could be topped this year.

Wemnog and I ran our first winter camping event which ran over New Year and again had a lot of mad people staying in their vans, caravans and even tents. I had planned on that being a one off, but people have asked for it again, so the site is booked.

As for caching itself, we have found some really good ones since the last time I wrote, along with the run of the mill type. We have made a lot of new friends in the community, not just locally but nationally and internationally as well.

We have tied in with a geocache tag supplier and opened up a new Ebay shop where we sell exclusive trackable tags.

So as you can see, we haven't been lazing around since we last wrote, there's so much to tell you, so give me some time and I will try and get you up to date.

But for now........................happy caching