6 Sep 2010

A Quiet Week, Jacaru, Stats and The Build Up


It has been a quiet week on the caching front. Only five caches this week. Time has really not been kind to us, we seem to have been chasing our tales all week. Having said that, three of the caches that I found I did get FTF on. Regular readers will probably recall that a while back I said that I didn’t actively go searching for FTF’s. These have all virtually been on my doorstep though and I have managed to get them all when they have just been published. So these are the caches that I have done this week. The cache at Brooklands GC22MFR was a little disappointing. I thought more could have been made of it. It was basically a plastic takeaway tub just dumped in some bushes. Not even well hidden. The location cried out for something a bit more special.

http://coord.info/GC2EDQ8 FTF


http://coord.info/GC2EDZ4 FTF


http://coord.info/GC2EJ75 FTF


So, seeing that it has been a quiet week on the caching front, I will tell you a bit more about me.

The caching name came from the first two letters of each of my children, Jacob, Cameron and Ruby.

I have been caching since January 2009. For the first few months going out to actually cache came and went in fits and spurts before becoming the full on hobby that it is now.

People often ask how I got in to having coins made. The simple answer is that my Dad died and left me some money. He was a dog lover and always enjoyed spending time with our dogs. I had a good photograph of one of our collies, Meg, and decided that I would have a coin made as a kind of memorial to my Dad. From there it really took off to being what it is today. The first coin sold well and I decided that I would get some more made. I love traditional things and decided to go along with that kind of theme. Hence the post boxes and phone box coins. The collie coin sold out, I got emails asking if I would do some more, so I changed the colours slightly and had a new run made. The latest UK coin came about just from the fact that we travel so much around the UK remapping, that it seemed like a good idea to have a coin made showing a map of the British Isles. Now here’s an exclusive, still in the initial stages, I am thinking of having a coin made to mark the 70th anniversary of the Battle Of Britain. I have some photos of Spitfires and I am thinking that this may be a goer. There is also a new collie coin in the pipeline. New picture, this time of the puppy, Fen.


I happened on a new site the other day. Since the demise of It’s Not About The Numbers I haven’t had any stats on my GC profile pages. Now I have, and it’s thanks to this site http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com/ This one is very simple to use and you can add a lot of detail to it. Well worth a look. For instance, rather than having to trawl through all my cache finds to locate my milestones this site loads them for you. To give you an example, this is the list of my milestones:~

It really is a very handy tool.


We are building up ready for this weekends Summer’s End event. The information sheets, new cache sheets, kids activity sheets and quiz sheets are all printed and packed. As are all the things that are going in to goody bags. These include keyrings, bookmarks, a new trackable geocoins and other bits and pieces. I only have 20 trackables to give out in the goody bags, another 20 are on the way, but have got lost in the post. The manufacturer has posted out replacements, but as they are coming from America, I really don’t know if they will arrive on time. I have a quiz prize sorted and packed and we are now having a silliest hat competition at the barbeque on Saturday night, so there is also a prize for that. We are just hoping that the weather holds, not looking too promising at the moment after checking the BBC forecast for the area. Fingers crossed though.

The next blog should have some photos of the event, hopefully everyone will enjoy themselves. Wemnog and I are heading up to the campsite on Wednesday, we have decided that it would be quite nice for us to have a few days just relaxing as we don’t seem to have had too much time off during the last few weeks.

That’s it, all for now. Have a good caching week dear readers.

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