22 Oct 2010

It's Oh So Quiet

It's Oh So Quiet

It has been another cacheless week! There have been a couple of days when we have got up and planned to go caching this week. On both days other more pressing things (work) cropped up! Yesterday we spent the day baking for the Country Market, so that was another opportunity out of the window.


Ebay has also been quiet this week, the current economic climate worldwide certainly seems to be hitting sales, September was the worst month, sales wise, that I have had since I opened the Jacaru Geocoins shop. Hopefully things will pick up on the run up to Christmas. I have some new stock, including stocking fillers arriving soon. I also have some new signs that will be in the shop from the middle of next week. These make excellent caches and I have a couple of them out and about. It is fun reading the logs for these caches as people do sometimes struggle with them, especially as they are usually placed in high muggle areas! The photo above shows how one design looks. They are magnetic and come complete with a log book in a sealed bag.

Only a couple of weeks now until we are in Barrow and caching can once again become a priority for a few days at least.

More news next week, until then...............Happy caching.

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