7 Dec 2010

S no W Caching and the GAGB Geocoin Race

S no W Caching

Well I guess a lot of us will have the same story. Over the last few days we haven't done any caching. It is been far too cold and most of the caches that we were wanting to do have been buried under snow! If you have been able to get out then I am very jealous.
We hope to get out this weekend, if nowt else we will be doing some drive bys, at least there are some nano's to grab out there that we haven't done yet.

GAGB Geocoin Race

Starting from January 1st, 2011 the GAGB are running a geocoin race. This is just for fun, there isn't a prize at the end of it. Basically, it is just to see how many miles a geocoin travels with you from cache to cache in twelve months. More details can be found on the GAGB website, http://www.gagb.co.uk/ and all you have to do is register a new coin on or as near as you can to January 1st. Mileage details will be updated once a week on the GAGB website.


I love driving in these conditions

I thought the colours looked good in the snow

The site of a previous cache that we have done

No caching photos this week, so I am just going to leave you with a couple of photos of us out and about.

Until next week, happy caching.

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Fermentum said...

Love the pictures Jacaru. Really would love to get out as well but I have no time at the moment. Been hectic.

Looks like you got the snow quite bad.