11 Jan 2012

New Beginnings


Back up in Warrington again at the end of last week so not much time for caching. We managed a grand total of 1! Sat at Costa's (coffee house of choice) and having a quick look at what was around, we noticed a cache that had a United States Navy geocoin in it. As both our Dad's were in the Royal Navy during the war we decided it would be a good coin to pick up. Having a couple of hours to spare before heading off for Whiston we finished the coffees and headed off.

The cache was near to the Foundation For Peace Centre which was set up in Warrington in memory of two youngsters, Tim Parry and Johnathan Ball, two youngsters who were killed when a terrorist bomb exploded in Warrington in 1993.

The cache itself was just a small container but nicely hidden Cromwell's Walk 7 http://coord.info/GC36MEQ is the final part of a series in the Sankey Valley which I am sure we will be completing at some point.

Peace Centre
After completing the cache we headed off to the hospital to do our afternoon visit. When we got back to Warrington though we were greeted to this sight.

We hadn't expected the pups to arrive for another week or so. Fen had had 7 pups, sadly one of them had died but the rest are doing well. The dilemma then was that we had to be back in Nottingham by Tuesday and we were undecided as to how well two day old pups would travel. Thankfully after a chat with a vet we were assured that there wouldn't be a problem. Needless to say mum and pups travelled well and are now well and truly settled back here in Nottingham.

The only dilemma now is which one are we going to keep!

So, as I said, still not much in the way of caching news. Hopefully out later today to do a few, we still have a few of stormjak's to complete as well as some a little further afield that look good, including the Erewash Valley Trail series http://coord.info/GC39YEC

Hopefully more caching news next week.

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