9 Feb 2012

Good Times, Socials and Sad News


So since I last blogged we have had some good times with a few decent cache finds. Of course, since then we have had some snow, so obviously there had to be a bit of snow caching in the mix.

One nice little series of three that we did here in Nottingham was The Undiscovered Trio http://coord.info/GC3A7EF only a short walk but with a nice sized container at the end of it. It was a bit misty on the day we went but on a good day there should be some decent views.

Misty cache walk

Two caches found only yesterday are worthy of a mention, Hedgerow Hunt http://coord.info/GC1GYAW as it is another cache that gives you good views and is a decent size, followed by Great Northern Cache No.1 - Awsworth Junction. http://coord.info/GCNEK8 this is another nice old cache that has stood the test of time.

One very near FTF was Can't-Do-It http://coord.info/GC3BY5A ~ well when I say near FTF quite a few had beaten us to it, but we were all within half an hour or so of each other.

Near Awsworth Junction cache

Events and Socials

A nicely attended social took place the other night between the Notts Geocacher group and the Geocaching Midlands GeM Facebook group. As well as some regular faces it was nice to meet up with some new ones including mono78v, CelineM, skybluesbazza, Spire67, Keith1947 and not forgetting stormjak and MFB Tracker. A new cache was published for the occasion and it was quite funny to see everyone sat very politely, trying not to rush out to get FTF on it. When they rushed out en masse they were almost beaten to it by another cacher who then popped in for a pint.

Northking had generously donated some containers which were shared out at the event as well.

I have planned two actual events as well. One to enable people who can't cache or attend events later in the day is set for February 29th. Breakfast 29 http://coord.info/GC3ARBV is an early meet. For those that don't know, anyone caching, or attending an event on that date will get an official souvenir to add to their profiles.

The other event has been organised to get people to cache in the city centre here in Nottingham. There are some decent caches to be had within the city. City Centre Caching & Coffee http://coord.info/GC3BX3Z is being held upstairs at the main Costa's coffee shop in the city. People can meet up and do the regular event type things before going off to grab the local caches.

Sad News

Well I guess it's not that sad for anyone else but us, but it is only another couple of weeks before the puppies will be ready to leave us. Their characters are really coming out now and it would be nice to keep them all. However, they have to go.

So if anyone is interested in a Border Collie pup, and has the time and committment to spend on a dog that needs a lot of walking (ideal caching companion) as well as plenty of attention to give then contact me by leaving a message on this blog.

Some Stats

I decided to start looking at the favourite points that I had awarded the other day and a little more about them. Looking back through them it brought back some memories. I just have to now decide out of all of them if I do really have one top favourite - so far.

1062 distinct caches

So far I have awarded 72 favourite points

60 for traditional caches
6 for puzzles/unknown caches

1 for a virtual
2 for multis and
3 for Earthcaches



38 to caches in the East Midlands

12 to the North West

9 to North Wales
6 to South Wales
2 to London
2 to Southern England
1 to the South East

1 to the South West and
1 to the West Midlands

Until next time~
Carry on caching.

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Fermentum said...

Love to see your dogs in your pictures, they always seem to be having fun.

I wish I could have one of your pups but my full time job and living in a flat would make it impossible. Maybe when I have won the lotto and got a massive house, loads of land and bags of time to go caching!