7 Jun 2012


With Mega season fast approaching it seems an appropriate time to mention the events. Wemnog and I are attending the two events that already have Mega status. Piratemania http://coord.info/GC365FT is being held up in Derbyshire next month. If you want a great weekend with loads of fun and caches galore then this one is really worth a visit. There is a dedicated website as well that is worth looking at. If your other half needs a bit of persuasion then maybe having a look at that will convince them to go. The site can be found here http://www.piratemania.org.uk/

The second event being held the same weekend at Piratemania, that doesn't yet have Mega status is Geolympix which is being held in Oxford. http://coord.info/GC22T2T With loads of events planned around the main event this one is sure to go Mega and Groundspeak have said that if the Will Attends log reaches 500 the event will be made Mega in advance. A lot of hard work has been put in to organising this event and it should be well worth a visit. The only downside is that it is the same weekend as Piratemania so unless people are willing to make the journey to both and have a really busy weekend then people have a dilemma of which to go to. However as Geolympix is on the Sunday it is possible to do both.  As with Piratemania, Geolympix also has a dedicated website. http://www.geolympix.com/

Then we come to the main event of the year the North West Mega. This is the UK event of the year. This year it will be held up in Cartmel, Cumbria and follows on from last years event in Wales. The theme for this year is country fayre and loads of side events are being held throughout the week. The main camping event can be found here http://coord.info/GC3EKQV

For those of you who haven't visited Cumbria before but are heading up, you are in for a real treat. One of the most beautiful counties in England with something for everyone. Wemnog and I spend a lot of time up there with our kids and can often be found out in the boats, usually on Coniston. As with the two previously mentioned events, this one also has a dedicated website http://www.mega2012.org.uk/content2/

A series of geocoins has been made for this event which are joined together to form one large coin. This photo shows the Cheshire coin.

Finally for this edition more events. This weekend sees the 9th World Wide Flash Mob event. As the name would suggest, Flash Mobs are being held worldwide at the same time.

Some of the local ones to us are my own Row Your Invisible Boat http://coord.info/GC3JAFH and also:~

Is It A Bird? http://coord.info/GC3M6MG
Northampton http://coord.info/GC3JEAA
Stamford Splash Mob http://coord.info/GC3HY09

Worldwide there are 295 Flash Mob events and a souvenir has been announced by Groundspeak for those who attend.

For coin collectors out there, a specially minted coin has now gone on sale.

That's it for now. Whatever event you are attending in the next few weeks, whether it is one of the Mega's or one local to you, I hope that you have fun and enjoy it.

With our campervan back on the road we shall be out and about and have lots more to talk about soon.

Happy caching.

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