26 Sep 2012

Events Galore

I am sorry guys that I haven't kept up to date with the blog recently. It has been an eventful few months since I last posted. I will start writing a proper new post in the next few days.

There have been events galore that we have attended, including the Mega and only last night a D5 event. Yes you read that correctly, difficulty 5. It certainly was as well. More about that in the next full post, but needless to say each and every event that we have been too have been great fun. The next one comes up this Friday, a karaoke event, a first for us. One of the events was our own Summer's End camping event which again was well attended, not only by people camping but by visitors throughout the weekend.

As I write this brief log I have just clicked the button to add the 300th member to GeM. The Facebook group for the East Midlands and beyond. It is hard to believe that in only 11 short months the membership has grown so quickly. If you want to join, all we ask is that you are respectful to other members and accept that different points of view will sometimes occur. The link to join is here www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#!/groups/137568269677358/

The GeM car stickers are now available and I was able to hand quite a few out at the recent events. We have just had a banner designed by the daughter of one of our members which will be displayed at camping events throughout next year.

I was recently asked to become a member of the fundraising team for the official 2013 Midlands mega so am currently selling the merchandise for that at various events.

All in all a busy and fruitful few months which have been enjoyable for both Keith and myself.

More soon, including fuller reports on some of the events that we have attended and some news about the next camping event that will be happening in a couple of months time.

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