10 Nov 2010





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Just packed sandwiches, made a flask and loaded the Jeep. I am now sat here thinking how lucky we are that we can just take off for a days geocaching. It must be awful for people out there stuck at home for various reasons, kids or relatives with disabilities for example who can't just take off on a whim to go caching. Or those who hate their jobs but still have to go in, or those housebound with various debilating ailments.

This is one reason why we place so many magnetic nano's in places that can be done as drive by's. At least that way, people who don't have the time for one reason or another can often access them by driving up to them, without the energy, time or health to do lengthy walks. So for anyone out there feeling miserable, don't get stuck in feeling that you are alone and forgotten. There are people out there who plant caches just for you. If you don't have access to a car, try and persuade a relative, friend, neighbour to take you out, even if it is just for a couple of hours. A change is as good as a rest and it may just be all you need to stop you feeling isolated. .

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Jane said...

I have just found this post on your blog. I haven't read it before but think that it is very entertaining. It's great that you think of disabled people and put out caches that are easy for them to find. My husband has MS and can't get out and about like he used to. He enjoys being able to be out with me in the car and being able to park right up by a cache. It makes his day and gives us something else to enjoy. Thanks again, I shall definately keep reading now to see what else you get up to. Thanks, Jane.

Terry Vernon said...

I was directed to your blog from the Groundspeak forums and to be honest after the negativity posted about this blog I expected to be having a go at you. Not the case at all. I have limited mobility following an accident and it is because of people like you who don't just plant boxes out in the countryside that I can continue, in a limited way, to geocache. I would like to say keep up the good work and if I ever get to your area I will be sure to look for your caches.