22 Nov 2010

News, Quality Caches, New Caches and the World Release Register


Two great bits of news for you this week. Firstly I was asked to become a moderator on the Staffs geocachers site. This is a fairly new site which welcomes members from all over the country, not just from Staffordshire. You can find the site at www.staffs-geocachers.webs.com

Secondly, and I am very excited about this, I have just become a committee member of the GAGB ~ the Geocaching Association of Great Britain. http://www.gagb.co.uk/
If you aren't already a member have a look at the website and do seriously think about joining. Not only does it offer some great advice and friendly banter, but gives up to date information on land owner agreements for the placement of caches, There is also a monthly competition with some great geocaching prizes.

Quality Caches

We haven't done as many caches as we would have liked this week. Having said that, the ones that we have done have been a really good quality.
We have also managed to continue to catch up on some more of Northking's caches.

The first cache this week was Slip Not, one of Northking's. A nice simple cache to start the week. On the banks of the River Trent this was found on the first really foggy morning of the winter. http://coord.info/GC1Z600

Near Slip Not

Not too far away were another couple of caches that we decided to nab. Coppers Cache by Riktor http://coord.info/GC2EB46 This cache was placed in memory of his grandad, a policeman whose beat was in the area. The final cache that morning was Dave and Andy's Duck Hunt http://coord.info/GC2FKFH The coords seemed to be a bit off for this one, but the subsequent photo from GZ is quite atmospheric!

Viewe from Dave & Andy's Duck Hunt cache

On Wednesday we travelled down to Portsmouth for a family reasons. We had Wemnog's son Tom with us. We couldn't resist but do just one cache when were down there. This is definately one to calla quality cache, Toadstool Trail 3 by AP&T http://coord.info/GC2DC3J It was definately a very wet and very muddy trek to this one. Luckily we cheated a little and drove as close as we could in the Jeep. Here are a couple of pics of the cache. I am sure some of you readers will be able to take some ideas from it and develop similar caches in your own style!

Toadstool Trail 3 ~ closed

Toadstool Trail 3 ~ open
This was a very clever cache that blended in well with the surroundings.

Over the course of the next few days we did a few more caches, a new one by Noords, I mentioned the clever cache of his that we did last week. He has put another clever one out, quite large in a very public place on the banks of the River Trent. Almost in full view, especially if you are looking for it. This one is called Fire In The Hole! http://coord.info/GC2J993  You get a really good view of Trent Bridge from this one.

Trent Bridge

After doing this cache we ventured over the river to another of Northking's caches. The appropriately titled Spender. This one had us scratching our heads. We searched for a good half hour before having to give up on it and got home only to log a DNF on it. It pleased me somewhat to note from previous logs that some very experienced cachers had also logged DNF's on it. It is certainly one of those caches that has you scratching your head, you know where it should be, you know where it is, but you just can't find it. We went back a day later and found it. Even if you never venture over to Nottingham, the logs are worth reading, purely for entertainment value http://coord.info/GC2HDDA

I have been keeping an eye on some of the bookmarked listings for a while now and have been wanting to do a tunnel cache. My wish finally came true yesterday and we did this one. Tunnel-Tastic by Chilli Slim Kid http://coord.info/GCRRB0 This is an old cache that has been up and running since December 2005. It isn't the oldest cache that I have ever done, but certainly an enjoyable one. Here are some photos.

The light at the other end!

Wemnog and three hyperactive geodogs ready to enter the tunnel

Cache In Hand

The return journey

We were armed with wellies and torches to do this cache and really enjoyed it. Us being us we didn't reach the tunnel by the suggested access point, that would have been far too simple. We parked up and descended to the entrance via a very slippery wet slope. We managed to stay on two feet though and didn't have to resort to sliding down! Armed with wellies as we had read in previous logs that the tunnel could get flooded we were pleased that it wasn't. We soon reached the cache, picked up a ghost geocoin that had been in there since the last visit on halloween and left a polar bear TB hibernating there until the next visitor ventures in. It was good fun this one, though we did say that it would have been even more fun doing it in the dead of night when it was really pitch black! We are already planning on doing another tunnel cache soon.

To finish off we did three drive by caches, two of which were called Nantwich to Castle to Nantwich 1 and two. Number two was placed very close to this little feature which I thought was worth a photo.

New Caches

I have had three new caches published this week, two drive by's and one in the centre of Nottingham

Suspension ~ http://coord.info/GC2JDGF

Off Yer Trolley - Carlton ~ http://coord.info/GC2JECT
Beggar's Belief ~ http://coord.info/GC2JDG0

All three were found within a short while of being published.

World Release Register

If you have a new TB or geocoin that you want releasing in a particular part of the country, or world for that matter, it may be worth having a look at the world release register. Someone listed on it may just be able to help your traveller to begin its journey. I have just joined this register and am able to help people out if they want something to start in Nottingham/shire. The address for this is http://www.geocoindesign.com/wrr2.htm You will find out all the details there.


The travelbug knockout race goes on apace. My TB is currently in California and so far has covered a distance of 5218 miles since I released it in Barrow a couple of weeks ago.

If anyone ever has any questions about either the blog, geocaching or the GAGB, please don't hesitate in contacting me, and if I can help you out I will.

All for now, until next time.............Happy caching.

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