17 Jan 2011

18 ~ New Caches and A Brand New Favourite and Finally


We have been lucky during the last week and managed to find another 18 caches, with DNF's on a further three.

There has been a real mixture of caches some run of the mill and some different ones as well.
The first cache since the last blog was this one http://coord.info/GC26281 A cache that had been borrowed from one that I had put out some months before. It was good of the cache owner to acknowledge this. Just near to ground zero was a very interesting (and rare) shoe tree with some strange coloured fruit growing on it!

Strange fruit tree

The next memorable cache of the week turned out to be a real treasure chest, full of money from different countries of the world. Called Funny Money http://coord.info/GC1VWQR we located the cache right away and it didn't take me many seconds to nominate Wemnog to retrieve the cache!

Caching continued throughout the week, between Nottingham and Warrington, there was one very memorable cache that we did, but more of that later. When we were in Warrington we did some more of the Woolston Cut series that we had started the week previously. http://coord.info/GC1M9DW was one of the caches.
Heading back home today we did a couple of Motorway Mayhems ~ South and Northbound at Sandbach Services, both simple micros that didn't take too much to locate. I worry more about all the security cameras around when doing these caches than anything else. The last one of the week was just as we were heading home. Christian's Box was another quick find and we took the opportunity to pick up a TB and drop another trackable off. I hadn't seen the name of the owner before, they have another couple of caches out, so no doubt we will be doing those shortly. http://coord.info/GC2FAXN

New Caches

Plans are afoot to get some new caches out in the next couple of weeks. I am not a great fan of puzzle caches but an idea popped in to my head the other night when I was trying to get to sleep. It is very simple compared to some of the puzzles that are doing the rounds at the moment, but I hope that people will enjoy it. Hopefully I will be putting the cache in place tomorrow and then sending it for review. We have also been working on another cache and that is now half completed, not a puzzle this time but a multi, that should be ready within the next month or so, dependent on finding a suitable location for it.

A Brand New Favourite

I mentioned earlier that there was a really memorable cache that we did this week. It is a puzzle cache and as I mentioned we aren't great fans of them but this was a challenge and very very enjoyable, though starting it at 11.00pm probably wasn't the best thing to do, although we did have the coordinates in an hour! All I am going to say about it is look at this http://www.360cities.net/london-photo-en.html and look at this http://coord.info/GC2MA73 and makes up. It has become my personal brand new favourite and I can't wait to read your comments on it on this blog. As I say we had the coords done in an hour and then went to retrieve the cache the next day and as usual the coords were spot on.


My home cache The TARDIS has had a couple of visits this week, so the trackables have been retrieved ready to transport to another time/space.

My GAGB coin has up until tonight now covered 552 miles, I wonder how many more by this time next week, that largely depends on work of course.

I spent another good hour this week emailing people to try and prompt them in to moving trackables on that they have had hold of for more than a short time. A couple of people have replied, but the majority have just not bothered. I am seriously considering not sending more coins out travelling but just laminating copies of them and attaching the name tags that you can get for dogs to them that we have engraved the tracking number on. It really frustrates me that people can't play the game in the good spirit in which it is meant to be played.

We met up with Warrington Forum cacher Andy, part of The Walker Clan last night, he has actually set up the Warrington Forum http://www.warringtoncachers.co.uk/ and he made us feel very welcome. It is good to forge links with cachers from different areas and get to trade ideas and information. One of the most bizarre things that he told us about was a cache that Deceagni had told him about. Have a look at this one! http://coord.info/GCTA5E Not sure it is one that I would fancy doing if I ever get to America.

That's it, have a good week, and happy caching.

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Fermentum said...

Love it when there is a good long read of a blog with pictures!

Saw the London photo one on the GAGB forums that you posted. I am going to have a word with my girlfriend as she will love to do this one. Not sure about getting the actual find though because its a bit far away.

I have been thinking about setting my first trackable free but its what you have experienced that I don't want to happen. On the other hand I suppose that's the risk!