10 Jan 2011

Normal Service Resumed Events and Mileage

Back To Normal

Well we are finally back to normal now, christmas and new year are over. So I can get sorted with doing the blog on a regular basis on a Monday.

Firstly today, I am going to start with a joke....

Q How many people with ADHD does it take to change a lightbulb?

A. Can we go for a bike ride?

Not the best joke in the world,  but thanks to the person who sent it to me (you know who you are)

The reason I was sent this joke is because Wemnog and I have had the maps out and planning where we are going to go caching this year. Once we have located possible areas one of the first questions has been....Can we take the bikes? One of our caching buddies heard this joke and thought of us.

I am really in to cycling at the moment so whilst planning our trips this year I have been using the services of http://www.geocachetrails.com/ there is a link at the top of the blog. We have found this site really useful in the past and now trails and circulars that may be bike friendly have been added.

There has been so much going on again over the last few days that caching hasn't been at the forefront. We have only done five caches since the last post. None of them have been that outstanding and haven't exactly been photogenic, so sorry folks, but no pics this week. The best of the bunch though was up in Warrington  ~ Woolston New Cut Series 1 , Round The Bend http://coord.info/GC1M99A We were only able to do this one as we were heading back home to Nottingham as we needed to be back before dark to get the hens away. We will be back up there shortly though to complete the series.


We have said that we will attend some events this year, with 4 in the diary for a start. The first one is in a couple of weeks time Let's Go Public http://coord.info/GC2M0FC followed by Spring Madness which is being organised by one of our friends Staffs Geo http://coord.info/GC2G817
We then head down south at the beginning of May to The Annual South Wales Geocaching Event http://coord.info/GC2KBWH organised by Mushroom Mike who I mentioned in the previous blog. The final event planned so far is A Chough-ing Good Weekend down in Cornwall towards the end of May http://coord.info/GC2HB9P May is going to be a busy month!


So far my GAGB coin has covered 302 miles since the beginning of January. You can see the graphs for where coins are up to at http://gagb.co.uk/forums/showthread.php?t=3796 It isn't too late to join in. Mileage can be backdated to the 1st January. The last date for entering is Jan 31st so there are still a couple of weeks.

That's it, more news next week and hopefully more caches to report on.

Have a good week.

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