21 Feb 2011

Another Lull, A Special Offer and a New Website

Another Lull

Last time I posted I promised some photographs of the old airfield that we were going to go caching to. We arrived and parked up the campervan just as it went dark. Then we found out that the leisure battery hadn't charged properly so we had no lights and no pump for the water. Lights we could have done without as we had torches, but the thought of going overnight without a cuppa was too much, so sadly we headed home.

Since then there has been a lull in our caching adventures due to work committments, so sadly not much to report at the moment. So a bit of a blank page this time as far as photos are concerned. So far we don't have much work on this week, so we should hopefully get out and about and get some of the newer caches that have been published.

A Special Offer

My birthday is fast approaching, 13th March, so I have decided to give my blog readers a special present from me. Up until my birthday I can offer the UK Map coin at a cost of £8.00 + p&p
This is a saving of £2 off the Ebay listing price. If you want one, contact me directly daryl@jacaru.co.uk and I can sort it out for you. Payment will have to be by PayPal.

UK Coin A Special Offer for Blog Readers
This coin is proving to be popular amongst my regular customers and has also sold well in Australia and the US.

Whilst I am talking about coins I have finally made up my mind about what the next coin is going to be. It is going to be the old favourite the Border Collie coin. The same design but new colours for this year. For those of you who don't know, the original was blue and yellow, which represented the collie on a beach with the sky at the top. That came out in 2009 and sold out within a matter of months. The 2010 version had the same colour, but the background colours were blue and green, again to represent the sky and this time the collie was running on grass. I am not exactly sure of the colours for this year yet, but I have had so many requests for a new version that I don't want to let people down.

Other ideas that I had had for my next coin were an anniversary coin representing 80 years of the Mass Trespass on Kinder Scout, more information here http://kindertrespass.com/ which directly helped to open up access for people throughout the country. I had thought about this coin for two reasons, firstly because of the fact mentioned above, but also because I was born in Hayfield where the trespass began and spent a lot of time on Kinder Scout in my earlier years. However, I have decided not to go with this as I am not sure how popular it would be. Having said that, I would welcome your comments on what you think.
Another design that I had in mind was a simple coin showing the Olympic rings. Seeing that we are hosting the Olympics next year I had given this one serious thought, however I am pretty sure that other manufacturers will be thinking along the same lines.
My last idea had been to have a 100th anniversary coin of the sinking of the Titanic. The Titanic holds a special interest for me, I have always been fascinated by the story and from being four years old I have always said that I was on the ship. I used to describe to my parents how I was a 34 year old man, wearing a uniform and that I had a beard, I was in a lifeboat but then drowned. Weird I know, but it has been something that I have said since being that age. Maybe I should have some regresssion hypnosis.
All these would have been annivesary coins for next year but aren't now on the cards from me.

In other news, my GAGB coin that is travelling around caches with me has so far done 1248 miles. My Knockout Ferrari has done 5378 miles and is currently in this cache http://coord.info/GC142VN in California. To keep following this knockout race have a look at http://travelbugknockout.blogspot.com/

A New Website

A new website popped up last week which I think is going to prove very popular with geocachers in this country and is well worth a look. It is called geocache tourist and can be found at http://www.geocachetourist.com/ It is hoping to get a comprehensive view of areas of the country where some decent caches can be found. The information will be written by local people for tourists visiting the area. Maybe you can contribute.

The weekend seems like a while off at the moment but now the leisure battery is fixed and we have a free weekend, we should be off in the van, I was going to say weather permitting, but that hasn't stopped us before.

Not sure what you think of this, but I am all for it, the government are looking at the possibility of  British summertime going forward by two hours. This would mean darker mornings for us, but think of all that extra light in an evening when we can cache for longer! Go for it I say.

Have a good week, hope you get some caching done and that the weather warms up for us all.

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Slightly Tall Paul said...

Hello Daryl,
Thanks for mentioning The Great Travel Bug Knockout, and also The Geocache Tourist, which looks to be an interesting site.

I like the idea of a 100th Anniversary coin for the Titanic disaster, although I'm not sure how it could be done tastefully; maybe a satin silver coin with black enamel. Do be careful about using the olympic rings though, because even though a limited-run geocoin should be below the radar of the I.O.C., they are notoriously keen on suing anyone who uses the rings without their say-so.

Happy caching, STP