1 Feb 2011

Priscilla, Parakeets and a A Quick Flash


As I said in the last blog we were going to be in London over the weekend. Prior to that we didn't do any caching in the days leading up to it.
We actually went to London to see Priscilla, Queen of the Desert at the Palace Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue. Have to say, that I couldn't get in to the film at all, so wasn't sure that I was going to enjoy the show, but I did. I would recommend it for anyone to go and see, lots of great music and very funny.

Anyway, on to the serious stuff ~ caching. We started off with an Earthcache, we are very lazy when it comes to doing these, we still have one local to us in Nottingham to do. Anyway this is the one that we did, just near Trafalgar Square http://coord.info/GC285PA You never think of statues having extra history attached to them, apart from who the statue is about.

Then on to do more caching in the area. As you can imagine being in the capital it is difficult to hide anything more than a nano or micro, but we certainly visited some different areas that we wouldn't normally see, thanks again to geocaching.

A couple of the memorable caches that we found were Reflections of Neal's Yard http://coord.info/GC2AYKM, a difficult area to grab the cache from. As we were writing the log a few flakes of snow actually fell as well.

Signing the log at Reflections
Then we went on and found  The Tin Pan Alley Band http://coord.info/GC2C1NN I like this kind of cache having found something similar in North Wales last year. It is another of those caches that is right in front of you, making it virtually invisible. I am still searching for the right area around Nottingham to put one out similar. This one got an immediate favourite vote from me.

Tin Pan alley, I signed up to play ukelele
We found our first ever virtual cache as well whilst in town http://coord.info/GC56E5 We have since been allowed the find after submitting the correct information.

As I said before it is difficult to hide larger caches, but even in one of the magnetic micro's we found a TB that had just arrived the same day from Portugal. That is now in the caching bag waiting to move on.
We couldn't have chosen a worse day to be in London really as far as police presence went. There was a planned demonstration regarding the student cuts and there were police everywhere. We found a cache called Where Are All The Apples http://coord.info/GC1JYMY As we retrieved the cache a police van parked up beside us and the occupants were watching us with interest. Then Wemnog dropped the container and it rolled under the police van! He had to tap on the window and ask them to move their van whilst we got it back. Needless to say we then had to explain what we were doing, much to the amusement of the occupants. I guess it didn't help that this particular cache was just around the corner from New Scotland Yard. We don't do things easily!

All in all we did 11 caches on Saturday, not as many as we hoped, but it was a cold day and Costa's kept calling us.


On Sunday we planned on visiting our colleagues at Red Dot Racing in Enfield before going on to Hampstead Heath. As we were going to be a little early in Enfield I loaded three caches on to the GPS to do there. All very easy finds, one Sidetracked and two on the River Lee. I managed to drop a new TB off in one of the river caches http://coord.info/GC24GKE The TB has been released by Pinfold and is being watched by some of his pupils, this one is a jellyfish called Jellybelly TB3M41Q, seeing that it is water related it seemed an appropriate place to drop it off.

River Lee ~ Ponders End
Once we had finished with Red Dot we carried on to Hampstead Heath. We didn't plan on doing much so ended up doing just two caches. The first one, Hampstead Heath - Ponds View http://coord.info/GC16PA1 I dropped Pinfold's second class TB off, again water related, this one is a crab, and again is being watched by his pupils, Crabbydactyl TB3M41D, hopefully these two TB's will travel far for the kids.

Pond's View

One of the main reasons that we visited the heath was that I had in my possession a TB belonging to our caching friend Angellica. This TB is in the NW/SE TB race and has to visit a number of checkpoint caches during it's travels. The TB had to visit Stinky Hollow http://coord.info/GCF011 This is a fairly old cache having been running since 2003.

Stinky Hollow, placing Angellica's TB

That was the final cache of the day for us. We actually had lunch sat at GZ and were quite amazed at the number of parkeet's that were flying around and calling. We knew that there were some on the heath, but it seemed that there were literally hundreds around.

On Monday we did a little bit of caching, only 3 on the way back home, one, Peering Over Lord Archer was good, partly because I actually enjoy reading his books, I especially enjoyed reading his prison diaries. http://coord.info/GC189FJ

Peering Over Lord Archer

All in all it was a very enjoyable weekend, one that we will be repeating later in the year no doubt. We weren't too sure about caching in London, but on reflection it is definately worth doing if you get the chance.

A Quick Flash

No, not something that happened to us in London! I have organised my first flash mob. Not having attended one before either I decided to bite the bullet and organise one for March here in Nottingham. The flash mob is called Winter's End and the cache page can be found here http://coord.info/GC2MWZC Basically, for anyone who doesn't know, a flash mob is a 15 minute event and they can take any shape or form. Winter's End will consist of people turning up, donning a christmas hat, singing Jingle Bell's and then disappearing. Hopefully it will be well attended and people will enjoy it. I already have some strange ideas for future ones if this first event goes well.


I have the campsite booked for the Summer's End event in September and it will hopefully, again, be as well attended as last years. It is being held in the Peak District again, from September 2nd - 4th. A different location this time, a little less basic, this time we have showers! There isn't a GC number yet as it can't be published until 6 months prior to the event. I will therefore have a GC number on March 2nd or 3rd.
Another week over, and another caching week to look forward to, so have a good time, and I hope you get some caching done too.

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Fermentum said...

Please Jacaru try and get some sort of video for the flash mob sounds like a crazy idea but a good, funny one at that!

Also love the Gladiator coin from the previous post that I must have missed on the blog feed.