3 Oct 2011

How Difficult?


So how difficult can it be to find a cache that I want to do for my 900th? Nothing so far has grabbed me as being anything special.  I have done all the decent caches around Nottinghamshire that I want to do especially. I have a few caches that I have got my eye on for 1000, including caches by Northking, Team Blid, Baira and SVK but nowt around here for number 900.

We were down in Virginia Water at the weekend and had planned for us both to reach the milestone then, Wemnog is a few behind me. We had a series that were going to do but the weather was too hot for the dogs to chase us around on bikes. I ended up doing my 899th cache just outside Marilyn Monroe's old house in the nearby village of Englefield Green ~ GC2HDHW was a nicely stocked, decent sized container. I used to live in the area, well 30+ years ago and never dreamt that next time I was going to be back round there would be with my partner searching for plastic boxes!

So 900 still eludes me, something will turn up I am sure.

Nottingham To Nottingham Race

The Nottingham to Nottingham race is moving on apace. Lots of movement in the last couple of weeks and some surprising movements in the coming weeks as well.

As I write,  another race is being planned and there will be more details of that at a later date. We had some good publicity for the last one and I am sure that the next race will prove to be popular too.

So not much to tell you at all this time, just thought it was about time I touched base. I am sure that next time I write there will be more to tell you, including some great Mega news as well.

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