24 Oct 2011

Munzee Sites and Caching Bites


Munzee Sites

Since I first mentioned Munzee a few months back when it first started the game has really taken off.  We were something like 830th to join the game, and now there are over 11,000 players and it is growing daily.

There are some really innovative players out there now, who are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with the game. Some of these include a local cacher who has been mentioned before in this blog, Northking. He really thinks outside the box when it comes to creating new ideas for Munzee, including a couple of journey's that you can do and Munzee at the same time. One of these includes a train journey from Nottingham to London where you capture Munzees at certain places on the journey. You can find more information about this on Jeff's new Munzee site http://www.munzee.org.uk/index.html  You will also find information on this, his Postcode Capture Munzee.
If you want to capture this one, contact Jeff through his Munzee site or via his geocaching profile.

There are another couple Munzee sites to mention, obviously the main Munzee site where it all began, http://www.munzee.com/ and there is also a UK Facebook page,  Munzee GB for people who are want to join in. The Facebook site is a closed group, but you can request to join, just search for it by name on Facebook.

The UK's first Munzee meet will be happening shortly as well. More details of that can be found on Jeff's pages.

Caching Bites

As you will see from the number at the top of the page, since I last updated we have got around to doing more caching, in fact another 26 since then. We have been out and about on the bikes for a lot of it.

We have cached in Derbyshire, obviously not too far away from us, Birmingham, Newcastle and a couple of locals here in Nottingham. There are quite a few new local caches to go and find, but we tend to leave some of the newer ones for when the weather is bad during the winter period.

As usual, you see some unusal things when you are out caching, so I will share a couple of photos with you of things that we have seen lately, including this wise old owl carving. 
Wise Old Owl

We also found this place, and this is somewhere which we definately would have just ridden past had it not been for caching.                                                                                                                   

Getting out and about on the bikes again has been good and the weather for it has been perfect over the last couple of weeks. Yesterday we were on the Monsal Trail with some none caching friends, we think we may have some converts! There weren't many caches on the trail itself. If you are ever in Derbyshire this is a really good trail to either walk or cycle. The route has quite a lot of tunnels which have only recently been reopened. Prior to that you had to make some detours. At the Hassop end of the trail there is a decent cafe and a must visit bookshop as well.

As I mentioned we did a little bit of caching up in Newcastle over the weekend as well. We had to meet a customer at the airport who had just had a flying lesson and having some TB's and coins to move on we thought we would look for suitable caches.

There are two really decent TB hotels around the airport, they really are the closest to terminal TB hotels that I have seen, another cache that we did gave some really good views of the runways and the really modern control tower.

Control Tower at NIA

One final place that caching took us to this weekend was the Newcastle Falcons rugby ground. I'm not a rugby fan but Wemnog is and according to him they are quite a decent team. Wem used to play rugby and actually set up a team here back in the 80's.

Newcastle Falcons Ground

Finally this week one more new caching site on Facebook to tell you about. It is called Geocaching East Midlands. It is a none political friendly group with no hidden agenda, just a place where people can chat in a decent civilised manner. Although the name is Geocaching East Midlands, the page is there for people to join from anywhere in the country. In that way if people are thinking of visiting this area, members can point them in the right direction for finding caching equipment such as Anchor Supplies, or for meeting up with like minded people for a natter.

At the Nottingham to Nottingham launch event we had a number of visitors from around the country who gave us the idea. They preferred not to join in with forums but still wanted a place to be able to chat. So that's how the idea came about. Again, this is a closed group as with the Munzee page and people can ask to join. Just search for Geocaching East Midlands and put in a request. We are planning on holding an event soon as well to meet up with people, this won't be an official geocaching event just an informal gathering of like minded people.

I mentioned Anchor Supplies above, if you don't know about them they are a government surplus stockist here in Nottingham. It is an Aladdins cave of a place to visit and you are sure to spend a lot of time and a little money there if you get a chance to visit. You will also find some decent caching equipment for sale there, or stuff that you can turn in to caching equipment. They also stock very reasonably priced ammo boxes. If you are too far away to visit they do do mail order. If you do visit, you are sure to get a warm welcome as a lot of the staff are also cachers themselves.

This link will take you to their site. http://www.anchorsupplies.com/

That's all for now, happy caching.

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