14 Mar 2012

Trespass Anniversary


Mass Trespass

On 24th April it will be 80 years since the mass trespass on Kinder Scout by ramblers from Manchester, Sheffield and further afield took place. The trespass led to several arrests and subsequent imprisonment for some of those involved. However, the event has been a cause of celebration since.

I was lucky enough to be born just a couple of miles down the road from Hayfield where the trespass began, and so grew up knowing all about it and what it meant. Indeed hearing about it when I was around 10 or 11 is what first inspired me to take up walking in the countryside. I did my first walk up to the Kinder Downfall not long after and made it a tradition to go up there every New Years Day. Something that I did for a good number of years.

Getting back to the trespass itself, it eventually led to legislation in 1949 to establish the National Parks, and to walkers' rights over open country and common land in 2000.

A number of events are being held to celebrate the trespass, so if you are in the Peak District around that time it would be well worth you having a look at what's on. Aside from that, there are plenty of good caches in the area, including some on Kinder itself. Without the trespass all those years ago, who knows whether we would have had access to all the land that we have now, not only for walking, but for caching as well. More details of the events and the trespass can be found here on the official website. http://kindertrespass.com/

I have been thinking for a long time that a trackable celebrating those events was overdue. Scouring my photographs taken over the last few years I found one that I thought would be suitable and after submitting it to Groundspeak for approval it is now being made in to a TB which will be available in time for the anniversary.

Gathering at Bowden Bridge ready to trespass
If you do get to Hayfield where the trespass began, make sure that you have a look at the plaque that was unvailed there some years ago.

The Plaque commemorating the trespass

5 Go Mad In London

An early morning start was called for when I decided that I wanted to go caching in the capital for my birthday. So at 6.30 in the morning Keith and I were knocking on stormjak and MFB Trackers door to pick them up for a trip down the A1. After parking up at Cockfosters we tubed in to the city and started our caching the only way caching should be started, with a cup of Costa's.

My main target for the day and the cache that we did first has been on my hit list for quite a while. The British Library http://coord.info/GC2M0AF is fairly new in the scheme of things, having only been live for a year. However with so many favourites (as I type it is up to 128) it really was begging to be found. Now I know not everyone likes multi's, me included, but this was fun. Not only educational, it took us to a place that might not be on your top ten of buildings to visit whilst in town. However, even if you are reading this and don't go caching, please do go and visit as it is well worth spending a few hours in there. The cache itself took us about an hour to complete but the container at the end has to be the biggest that you will find in any city centre, never mind a capital city.

stormjak and the cache
Our aim of the day wasn't to go out and cache cache cache, it definately wasn't a day about the numbers. The thing with caching in London is that it takes you to some amazing places that are well off the tourist trail. One such cache, The Winchester Geese took us to an unconsecrated graveyard where it is believed up to 15,000 bodies are buried. You arrive at GZ to find a gate covered in ribbons, teddy bears and messages.

 It isn't too far from Tower Bridge and should definately be on your list to find if you are around the area. http://coord.info/GC13ZAG

By the way, yes, there were only four cachers but we also had a little glove puppet with us, Timmy The Dog, hence 5 Go Mad In London, and yes, we do have the photo to prove it!

Us 4 & Timmy


After seeing that April Fools day falls on a Sunday this year, I couldn't resist organising another breakfast event. http://coord.info/GC3EB1H After the amazing turnout for the last breakfast on February 29th, including someone travelling from Northamptonshire, and that was a workday, it will be fun to see how many turn up to this one. This will be the fourth such event, and they do seem popular with people who decide to use it as a start to a full days caching, either meeting up with old friends or tagging along with new ones to do some.


Some eagle eyed readers may have noticed that I have overhauled the links at the top of the page. There is now a new link there for a website called Cache4u. This is run by old friend and cacher Rob. Rob is one of caching team the Two Anchors. He recently left work and has now set up his own site selling caching goodies at really reaonable prices. Have a look at what he has to offer. Chances are, you will also see him at any of the events that I run, so if you want to grab some good value bits and pieces get in touch with him, or turn up at any Jacaru event.

Finally, the Border Collie TB's have now gone in to production and should be with me in the next two weeks, along with the Kinder Trespass TB's. The Jacaru website http://www.jacaru.co.uk/ is due to be overhauled in the next couple of weeks and the new caching stuff added. As you know, I no longer have the Ebay shop as the fees that both Ebay and PayPal charge were getting ridiculous. I will still be selling coins and TB's through Ebay, but I am aiming to sell more through the main Jacaru site.

Have a good week, weather is improving and spring is coming. Longer evenings, rubbish on telly, so there's no excuse. Happy caching.

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Sarah said...

doh! I went to the British Library just a few months ago when they had the Sci Fi exhibition on - it didn't even occur to me to check to see if there was a cache in the vicinity, as I always assume London caches will be nanos or micros and I don't really enjoy urban caching with all the muggles about. That'll teach me!