2 Apr 2012

A Little Caching


Since the last blog there has been a little bit of caching by us. We have been busy again reposessing lots of vehicles. However, finding time to cache while we have been in different areas has proved extremely tricky. You click on the phone, find that there is a cache nearby and then something happens and you don't get a chance to go for it. Very frustrating!

One nice new series that we managed to do though was local cacher Benpob's new B Movie series http://coord.info/GC3F699 around the local Netherfield Lagoons. It was one of those hot summer days (in the spring) and was also the new geopups first caching and walking outing.

Tor In The Lead

I have put a few new caches out as well over the last few weeks since the last blog. La Gazza Ladra http://coord.info/GC3EV3K  Hole In One http://coord.info/GC3FKWQ and Lord Webber http://coord.info/GC3FEDG

I can't say too much at the moment but Keith and I are involved in a team cache that should be published in the next couple of days. Four of us are involved and we went and placed it yesterday. More of that next time.

The new TB's arrived the other day and I am pleased with the way that they have turned out. The good thing about these is that they are cheaper than any of the geocoins that I had for sale and people are more likely to buy them. Geocoin sales certainly went downhill last year which is the reason why I closed the Ebay shop.

Border Collie Version 3

Photos of the new tags are below. If you do fancy buying them contact me directly, daryl@jacaru.co.uk and we can arrange to get them to you.

We have just been saying how good caching has been in the Nottingham area over the last few months. With some challenging caches out there, Pit Extremes, the stormjak and MFB Tracker caches, as well as great new series like the Golf Series by Spire67 + many more. Nottingham is in a really good place at the moment with it's caches and there is something for every taste. So just a quick big up for all our local cachers.

Titanic 100th Anniversary

Kinder Trespass Anniversary

We held another successful breakfast event yesterday which was really well attended. This was the fourth brekkie event and judging from the popularity of them I am sure that we will be holding another one at some point soon.
I did worry that the same venue would become a bit staid for people. However, the fact that the pub is so laid back, the food cheap and the staff bend over backwards to help, I think it will be the place to stick with. It is also very central for people. This time we had visitors from the North West as well as Tracey and Pete from the Podcache show to talk to people.

Well, that's it for now. Easter is coming, with the forecast of snow. However I hope that it doesn't stop you getting out and about and finding a load of caches over the bank holiday weekend.

Until next time, happy caching.

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