14 Jun 2010

Well, in the end we didn't get much caching done. The SMART car had a flattish battery and the owner had tried to remap it themselves. Not a good move, especially with the cheap equipment that you can get on Ebay. Anyway, after much faffing about time was getting on. Wemnog, geodogs Meg & Rum and geopup Fen did one quick cache along the canal. Not the most inspiring of caches that we have done, but worth doing anyway. The cache was GC26D7Q Here is a photo of Fen with her first ever cache find. This was also her first time on a lead as well, so she had a big day out! Photo taken on Garmin 550t.


Sarah said...

squeeeee! cute puppy picture!! :) she is adorable!

goecass said...

Awwww, that beats all the pictures I have of my dog with Geocaches! :)