17 Jun 2010

After planning to do quite a lot of caching yesterday, once again time caught up with us. We eventually did two caches, GC1CEW1 and GCXN9A. The second one Wemnog and I had tried a few months back, when we were quite naiive and timid cachers. This time we found it easily. It helped that we also know the cache owner now, although we didn't ask for any hints at all.

This also turned out to be my 400th cache. Not bad for someone who only planned on doing 50 a year ~ 18 months ago!

In the evening we met up with some caching friends who are known collectively at the Notts Geocachers. These aren't to be mistaken with the emcache people, The Notts Geocachers are by far a friendlier bunch.

We spent the afernoon enjoying the sunshine in the garden, with the hens in the pen and the two geodogs and the geopup resting in the shade. It also gave us a chance to start planning our next series and working out just what crafty caches we can put out. I'm not giving any hints as to what those may be just yet though.

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