12 Aug 2011

More Soon and Virtuals

More Soon

I am sorry everyone for the lack of an update this week. We have done a little bit of caching including 3 FTF's.

None of the caches have really been anything special to tell you about though, so rather than bore you with a none blog will leave you with the knowledge that the next edition will be in a couple of weeks time. We are off camping on Anglesey for a couple of weeks and there are some great caches to find up there. I am sure that there will be plenty to tell you about then.


Some good news though, it looks like a form of virtual caches are going to be back with us in the very near future. They are going to be called Challenges, there isn't a lot of information about them yet, but this is a quote from Jeremy Irish's own forum posts.

They (challenges) are location-based and for everyone to do.
When you complete a Challenge (the new virtual) it will now be included in your overall "find" count. That's the only change to my original comment. I was resisting but was worn down by my fellow lackeys.
To clarify, it isn't going to be a cache listing at all, so posting a new cache listing as a placeholder for a virtual would have no point to it.
Just who will be allowed to list virtual listings on this site? Lacky's? PM's? Any member?
Premium Members during the initial release will have the ability to post them, and even then they only post one every 24 hours (max). This will open up later, based on how the system is holding up.
Still no real news on this, but it looks like caching is going to have something new and exciting happening.

All for now, have a good couple of weeks.

My holiday starts tonight, with a visit to the launch event of the North West Mega, from this evening the actual event will be published and you can log your intent to visit next year.

I also pick up my first two event coins, photos will follow when I next blog.

Blog TB

A quick update on the Blog TB that I set off on 17th June at a cache in the West Midlands. So far it has travelled 264.7 miles and was last picked up in the Lake District. It is currently in the hands of HO4 who live in the North East.

Finally for those of you who are interested in the Nottingham to Nottingham TB race that starts on September 10th, I now have in my posession 29 racers for the UK with some more promised and Balrgn has so far received  20 trackables, again with more promised.

For those of you who haven't entered but still want to, details can be found here http://www.usuktbrace.blogspot.com/

The hotel container is now in place so that it can weather in over the next month. There are a couple of launch events planned over here, this one http://coord.info/GC2Z53W and then this one the morning after which isn't too far from where the hotel is placed http://coord.info/GC30VN4 There is also a launch event in America http://coord.info/GC2Z51J

I am really pleased with the way the race is shaping up. There will be a mention of it also on the next broadcast of the ukgc podcast. If you have never listened to a podcast, have a look at http://www.ukgcpodcast.com/

Happy caching.

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