27 Aug 2011



Hope you had fun being directed here, now for a shameless plug:~




Anonymous said...

Too right, all forums are the same. Well done for pointing it out. Some people take themselves way to seriously.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that I don't leave my name here but I have seen how you have been treated by a couple of people on the forum and I am afraid that I don't want the same kind of treatment.
I just wanted to say good on you for exposing just what people can be like on forums. They see it as an invisible way of bullying someone. I know of one of the people who has been at the heart of the comments and all I can say is that his reputation in the geocaching circuit isn't good, and he is despised by many.
Keep up the good work with your geocaching, your blog is always an enjoyable read.

Tom Hayes said...

Aren't forums great. One reason to stay clear of them. From past experience you always get the few spoiling things for the rest. Let them get on with it, in the end people usually see them for what they are and it doesn't take long.

Great to see that something good has come out of it though and that your shop sales have increased. It sounds like they have done you a favour, so I would take some extra pleasure in that if I was you.

Ben and Angela Moss said...

It can't come as a surprise to you that a lot of people know who you are talking about and dislike the man.

I can't see why he is poking his nose in to Groundspeak forums anyway as he archived his caches from there after a disagreement with them. That seems to be a pattern.

Keep up the good work, I always enjoy reading your latest posts.
We have also sent you an email.