1 Nov 2011

Flyovers, Pinfold's and Races


Flyovers and Pinfolds

We were up in Warrington again at the weekend and did a few caches up there. A couple that had been on the to do list for a while were a couple of traditionals near the Thelwall Viaduct, a motorway bridge over the Manchester Ship Canal. It is quite a structure. Our claim to fame is that Wemnog pressed the button to reveal the stone plaque at the official opening back in 1963.

The site of the main cache that we found, which was right under the bridge was the scene of police action earlier this year when over 5000 people attended an unofficial rave at the site.

Underneath Thelwall Viaduct
The cache container was missing, with just the lid and a few calling cards remaining. Luckily we had a spare container with us which we left as a replacement.

The other cache was nearby and gave us quite a view of the viaduct from a different angle as the sun was beginning to set.

Thelwall at sunset
Back in Nottingham we haven't had much time to do any caching but looking around we decided it was about time that we did some of our old friend Pinfold's caches.

We started off with doing a cache of his called The Cray Family of Wash Pit Lane. Having read some of the previous logs this one sounded fun and a little different. We packed the necessary equipment in the Jeep and headed off. It didn't take us long to find the cache but at the same time it did take us by surprise and definately earned a favourite point from me. I'm not going to say much else about it as that would spoil it for Pinfold, all I will say is that if you are in the area it is one that is worth doing for the fun factor.

So we had halloween last night and decided that it would be a good time to do a night cache. Not having done one before we had a look at what was available locally. We didn't actually know that Pinfold had one out so were pleasantly surprised when we came across Blind Panic. We set off as darkness fell and took the dogs with us for their walk. We weren't the best prepared as we only had one failing torch between us, hardly any battery life in the GPS and no jackets. Luckily it was a warm evening so tee shirts were sufficient, we used the torch sparingly and hoped that the batteries would last out in the Oregon. On reaching GZ it took us a few minutes to locate the necessary but once we did we found a container with 8 TB's inside! We haven't seen one for a long long time with that many in! After liberating them and replacing with a couple more it was time to head home. Another Pinfold cache worthy of a favourite point and another one that locals should put on their to do list.


A quick update on the TB races. The Nottingham To Nottingham race has a winner on the US side. The coin was picked up at an event in London last week and arrived in the TB hotel on Friday last week. The chap who picked the coin up ~ pinkpigredrat ~ arranged to meet me at the hotel so that I could see the coin entering the hotel. It did really well and made it from Nottingham, New Hampshire to Nottingham in very few moves and without any interference from anyone.

pinkpigredrat books in the winner
Coins and TB's from both UK and US entrants are now travelling well and it will be interesting to see when we get a UK winner over in the US.

Winning Coin and Winner's Coin

The other race, starting on January 1st, is getting quite a few entries now as well and seems to be taking off (pardon the pun) well.

The Nottingham (UK) TB Hotel is disabled at the moment for some refurbishment but will be open again this weekend. Some TB's are here at home ready to go in it when I replace the container for something smaller.

You may have noticed that I haven't done any more question and answer sessions that I started a couple of blogs back. I do have some stored that I will be using at a later date, so I haven't forgotten.

Finally, I keep promising you some exciting news and yes, it is coming, you really won't have to wait much longer now, just a little while longer.

Have a good week, enjoy the continuing good weather and go find some caches.

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