6 Aug 2010

Back Home, Permission Denied and Off To The Lakes

Back Home

Well I am back home. Cameron and I found ourselves on Oxford Street yesterday afternoon, boiling hot and we just looked at each other and said "Let's Go Home" So after a short tube ride we got back to the Travelodge, packed up our stuff, loaded it in to the Jeep and set off. It was a bit of a draughty journey back as the temporary window didn't stay in place, luckily it was dry though. I finally got home just after 9.00pm last night.

Permission Denied

Checking emails after I got home I had a couple of emails regarding a cache that I wanted to place. The first one was from a lady at Natural England who approved where I wanted to place the cache, however the second email was from Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust who co manage the land. They denied permission to plant as they felt that the cache placement would be encouraging people on to the land who weren't interested in the wildlife, and felt that it would have a negative affect on the area.
You can't win them all, so I am afraid that I will have to let this one go. Shame really as the cache was wildlife themed (I can't give anything away as the container will be placed elsewhere)

Off To The Lakes

We are off to the Lakes in a couple of hours time. The campervan is all loaded up, we are going in two vehicles as two adults, two teenage lads and three dogs is a helluva squeeze in one, plus all the equipment as well.
Really looking forward to this, a few days messing about in the boats on Coniston and hopefully loads of caching as well. I have got a fair few TB's and GC's to move on. I want to be able to swap a load so that there is a collection for the camping event. Even better, the forecast is looking very promising for a good weekend.


The customs letter had arrived when I got home, so I am off in a few minutes to pick up my package. 100 nice, shiny new UK geocoins. Yep they are finally here so I am looking forward to getting them.

All for now, have a great caching weekend.

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