23 Aug 2010

Caches, TB Hotels, Stargates and Updates

I always end my blogs with a similar question, will I have done a little or a lot of caching by the next blog?


Well this week I have done a fair bit of caching again, another 21 in fact. Now I know that I have said before that I don’t go chasing FTF’s. However, I was sat at my computer when a new series flagged up that was very local to us. This was the Sunday Stroll series by Baira and his son Darkfonz. A nice series of 5 caches on a pleasant circular walk. This is the first cache in the series http://coord.info/GC2DH1K

Heading to one of the caches there is an avenue of fruit trees of different varieties. Unfortunately none of the fruit was quite ripe enough to pick. We may just have to go back!

We didn’t get FTF on any of the caches though, we had been beaten by about half an hour by another local cacher ~ Paneke.

A couple of days later we had a phone call from a customer in North Wales. He needed a remap on his Smart car. Could we do it over the weekend. Not a problem, we decided to make a whole caching weekend of it, packed up the campervan and off we went.

En route we did some drive bys on the A55, nothing to spectacular and even though it’s not about the numbers (or so they say) we did them. We were staying on a camp site at Rhos On Sea and so had located some caches to do in the surrounding areas. We don’t often resort to hints, but when we do it is much easier when they are in English rather than Welsh. We struggled for a while with one cache and then asked a passer by whether he could read the hint for us. No real surprise with the answer though “sorry, I don’t read Welsh and I’d be surprised whether you could find anyone round here who does!” Luckily after a bit more of a search we located the cache.

Keith (Wemnog) before he hit the slippery slope!
Some of the caches that we did took us in to woodland and the ruins of a castle. These was a brilliant walk which we and the dogs enjoyed. Wemnog did receive some injuries though, slipping from the top to the bottom of a long slippery slope. He escaped without broken limbs, although he does have some nasty grazes on arms, elbows and thighs.

Looking for three caches, we had to log DNF’s on two of them, most disappointing. We really wanted to find this one http://coord.info/GC28PMB but couldn’t. Got some great photos though, have a look at these.

All in all whilst we were in Wales we did 16 caches, a lot of them were micros as the seaside towns were loaded with holidaymakers and there wasn’t any way that larger caches could have been placed. We did do some good ones though, including this one http://coord.info/GC1KAZN Just look at the brilliant view from this cache PIC Three caches that we did have given me some ideas for new ones here in Nottingham. Similar caches should be appearing soon.

My particular favourite of the weekend was http://coord.info/GC14DAX which is called Rhuallt Village Vexation. A brilliant, yet very simple cache. I am not showing any photos of that one though, that would just give too much away! Just before I was going to publish this blog today a very local new cache popped up. Yep, we got there first and I left my new UK coin in it. I am going to make that the blog coin, so will keep everyone posted on where it ends up. So far it is in the new cache Car Auction Lagoons, http://coord.info/GC2DTR6 so still in Nottingham


TB hotels are brilliant. If you have been stuck with a coin or TB for too long and you need to get it moving again, locate your nearest TB hotel and place it in there. I use two in this area. One is actually called a TB hotel and is near East Midlands Airport http://coord.info/GCYCXK East Midlands Airport Travel Bug Hotel. I don’t use this one often, only if I have a coin which I know needs to travel abroad. The cache that I use most to drop and pick coins up from isn’t actually a hotel, but I must admit that I use it as such as I know that it gets visited quite often. This is another cache by Northking and is called Nuts In Notts Number 9 (THE FINAL) http://coord.info/GC20EBP It is in an unusual location and if you are ever in Nottingham well worth a visit. As I said, I often use this one as a hotel. There is actually one right here at home. The TARDIS http://coord.info/GC1WGEQ I decided to place this one for people to drop coins off as it is on the doorstep for us. The nature of our business, remapping, means that we travel fairly extensively in this country so we are able to move trackables on quite quickly for people. This is another cache that is used fairly regularly. It may be closing down soon though as I have a cunning plan to replace it with something a bit different!


Stargates are something completely different. Usually placed in two locations, one in this country and one somewhere abroad, rather than me going in to too much detail here, you may be better off reading this page http://coord.info/GCHXQE It is a clever idea and we are thinking of setting up a stargate between us and a place in France. We obviously can’t go in to this one lightly so are doing a little more research on it before finally committing ourselves.


I put the To Cache A Thief series out last week. Just three caches, but boy have they caused some problems for people searching for them. I have had a few phone calls from people asking for help. Met up with some of the people who have looked for them and seen some amazing scratches on arms, they look like they have been wrestling with an angry cat! The logs make for some interesting reading, have a look. http://coord.info/GC2DM4G http://coord.info/GC2CD6G http://coord.info/GC2DM58 Wemnog and I actually thought that apart from the bonus cache these were quite simple stand alone caches. The only thing really needed to find the bonus is a UV light.

Summer's End event coin
A couple of things now to finish off with. Here is a photo of the coin that I am giving out to people who attend the Summer’s End event. It is a trackable coin so I hope people like it.

We are having a few things going on at the event. Geocoins will be for sale and we are still hoping that UK Geocachers will be there with some of the goodies from their shop. We will also have a stamp making printer there, so if anyone wants a stamp made to mark logbooks with, bring your own design on a memory stick and we can convert it in to a stamp. We can even do photos on to them, so if you want your face smiling out on a logbook, now is your chance.

That’s it, done for another week. 497 caches done, I am sure that by next time I will have reached, and passed my 500th. Just hoping for a good one for it. I will have to search for something special.

Have a good week and happy caching.


cassandy aka geocass said...

Love the photos of the castle and the ruins. What cache did you choose for your 500th in the end? Something special? (Noticed your tweet on twitter!) :)

Jacaru said...

Hiya Kathy,

I did the Treasure Chest cache at the UK Geocachers shop in Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The castle was really cool to visit and had a fair bit of history with it.