10 Aug 2010

Only 2 ~ Too Much To Do & UK Geocachers

Only 2!

Well after all the plans to do a lot of caching whilst we were in the Lakes, we ended up doing just two! High Cross http://coord.info/GC1Z55C and Swallows and Amazons http://coord.info/GCN9GA. This was by far the more fun of the two. Off we set, two adults, two 16 year olds, two dogs and one puppy in one canadian canoe and one inflatable. Trust us to pick a busy day on Coniston to go and get it.

Peel Island on Coniston was used as Wild Cat Island in Arthur Ransome's book Swallows and Amazons. I loved the Ransome books when I was younger and growing up down south they always transported me to somewhere I would rather be. There is a photo of Peel Island below. Now that we have a little Seagull engine for the inflatable there will be no stopping us ~ we plan on doing a lot more caches that are only accessible by boat.

So, only two caches as we had much too much to do. The lads just wanted to mess about in the boats all day, and as the weather was so good to us, we couldn't resist just hanging about, we finished the day with a barbeque on the banks of Coniston and watched the sun go down,

before heading back to the campsite for a nice hot cup of tea and some cake.

UK Geocachers

It's about time that I started saying more about some of the links that I have on the blog. I am going to start with UK Geocachers.

This is a brilliant online and walk-in shop that has so much to offer cachers. From Travel Bugs and Geocoins to little cache goodies for you to drop in to caches that you are visiting this shop certainly has it all. If you are in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, it really is well worth taking the time to visit. Even if you don't buy anything from them you can be assured of a warm welcome from Kathy and the rest of the team there. If you want to visit the shop the good old caching way, then the Coords N 53º 00.173 W 001º 43.242 will get you there. For a lot more information than I have given in this brief write up, visit the link above. Next time I will go in to detail about one of the other links.


In between arriving back from London and setting off for the Lakes, I managed to get to the collection depot and pick the first 100 UK coins up. On arrival at home I very excitedly opened them up, and me being me, always expecting some disappointment with new arrivals, was more than a little surprised at just how good they have turned out. I am not just saying that either, they really do look good. As you will know I am not releasing them for sale until 10.00am on the 10th September, but as they are here, I have already registered my coin and will be releasing it somewhere shortly.

I am not sure what is planned for this week, whether we will be caching or not, but I am sure one way or another there will be something cache related happening. After all, I have a new multicache planned ~ and this one is going to need some specialist equipment to locate the final!!!!!!

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