4 Aug 2010

No Caching, Just A Story Of Thievery In London

No Caching, Just A Story Of Theft In London

So, here we are in London. Staying in the Travelodge on the M4 a few miles outside the city centre.

Cameron and I arrived on Monday afternoon and didn't really do much, had a drive around Langley and Slough where I had the misfortune of growing up. I showed him the two houses where I lived when I left New Mills at the age of 4. I then showed him my infants and junior schools, and the site of my high school, no longer there, it is a leisure centre and housing estate now.

Yesterday was a good day, well at least until the end of it. We got parked the car at Hounslow West tube station and got in to the centre of London by around 10.00am. First stop was the London Eye.

The views from the eye were great, and it is well worth doing if you haven't done it. Even with prebooking tickets online, we still queued for almost an hour to get on.
After the eye we went on to walk past the Houses Of Parliament and then decided to go and have a look round the Cabinet War Rooms. Now that was interesting and is well worth a visit. It was very hot down there though. The journey continued with a quick visit to Downing Street. Then on through Green Park to Buckingham Palace.

After spending a bit of time at the palace (we weren't invited in for tea) we walked back to the tube and caught a train to Covent Garden. That was as entertaining as usual, I always enjoy visiting. There is some building work going on and what looks like a massive Apple store is being worked on, ready for opening later this week.

From Covent Garden we got a rickshaw to Leicester Square. I recommend that if you get a chance you have a rickshaw ride through at least part of the city, just to say that you have done it. Leaving the rickshaw we went and had a quick coffee before deciding to take in a movie at the Odeon. Cameron really enjoys the cinema and really wanted to be able to say that he had seen on at the Odeon Leicester Square!

So we saw the A Team. Now I remember the TV series as a teenager. I had high hopes for the film and although it was good, it seemed a bit disjointed for my liking

After the film we decided that we had had enough for one day so caught the tube back to pick the Jeep up. Got back to the station and the car and that's when things took a turn for the worse.

We arrived back to find that the passenger window had been smashed and the Sat Nav and for some obscure reason, my specs, had been taken. The satnav and cradle had been hidden under the seat as I always do so weren't on show. I rang the police to report it and got a reporting number ~ it'll take up to 3 days to get a proper crime number!

Of course it was after office hours so I couldn't get in touch with the insurance people, I have trade insurance and they only work office hours with no 24 hour helpline ~ which of course didn't help. Then I rang the AA who put me in touch with Autoglass to get a replacement window. This is where you have to laugh, I had to, or I would have cried.

Autoglass told me that it would be three days before they could get someone out to me to fit a replacement window!!!!! London, capital city of the UK, 24 hour metropolis ---3 days!

As we couldn't really do anything else we drove back to the hotel and managed to get hold of a carboard box and some sticky tape to seal the car up the best we could for the night.

So here I am, typing this update at 7.15am waiting for the insurance office to open at 8.30am and we will have to take it from there.

So all in all after a brilliant day out things had to come crashing down again big style. I am just glad that more stuff, or the car wasn't taken.

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