11 Apr 2011

Just Like Buses ~ Geocoins

Just Like Buses

What do they say about buses? You can wait for ages for one and then two come along at once. Well today it is the same with the blog. No update for three weeks and then two within a few days.

I had to go and replace my Kegworth ~ 1989 cache which went missing a while back. http://coord.info/GC267FP The cache overlooks the M1 motorway where the tragic plane crash happened back in 1989. For those of you who don't remember, a plane was coming in to land at East Midlands Airport and missed the runway, hitting the embankment of the M1. There is a memorial plaque just near to where I have the cache. It went missing a while back but I decided to replace rather than archive as it does take people there who can spend a little time contemplating how fragile life is.
Having replaced the cache we couldn't resist doing just a little bit of caching. Only three, but fun all the same. The first one had been a puzzle cache that had eluded us for a while. By caching colleagues Baira and Darkfonz and called Catchphrase, we did resort to asking for a little help. Once we had FINALLY solved the puzzle we soon had the coords and located the cache. Funnily enough the container is one that I know as I had recently bought a similar one myself.  Info on Catchphrase can be found here http://coord.info/GC2PQ80
Then on to another couple, Blog Standard - She Went Of Her Own Accord http://coord.info/GC16894 we thought this one was going to elude us as the light was fading and the undergrowth had obviously grown since the cache was originally placed. We got it in the end though. Finally we found The Old Post Office http://coord.info/GC2DH1A a nice simple drive by. I remember the building being the Post Office not too far back. Another one that sadly bit the dust. So there you are, just three caches and a cache replacement. Now I want to talk a bit more about.............


I think that I have a bit of an addiction when it comes to geocoins and travel bugs. I can't resist picking them up to move on, if I see a cache that flags up as having a trackable in, I have to go for it.
There is nothing more frustrating though than when a listing says that it has something in, only to go and find that it isn't in the cache, and quite often hasn't been for some time. It is one of my bugbears that fellow cachers don't log that they have either picked up, dropped off or not found a trackable in a cache. It isn't rocket science. Not only would it let cache owners (and more importantly) TB/coin owners know that their trackable is missing or moving but it would keep mileage for them, which is important spot on.
Another major bugbear of mine is when someone picks up one of my coins or TB's and then holds on to it for months. My longest that someone has had at the moment is 15 months!!! Despite numerous emails they haven't bothered replying to me. Now I know what you are thinking, maybe they don't cache any more. Not the case though, I checked their profile and they last logged in to GC only three days ago.

I am seriously thinking of starting a name and shame page on Facebook that people can add to when a cacher keeps hold of trackables for longer than is necessary. I feel guilty if I have hold of one for more than a fortnight. I would love to hear your thoughts on naming and shaming.

Having said that, I have been chasing up long term keepers of coins and have had numerous apologies, and in the last week 8 of my trackables that have been with people for more than 3 months have now moved.

On a brighter note I have just been looking at my own stats pages and note that I have now found and moved a total of 266 coins and TB's. I also own 50 trackables which are either travelling or missing in action. Of the trackables that I have picked up 138 have been TB's and the coin that I have picked up most, totalling 6 times have been the Trakabulldogs tags.
The Garmin coins, Big Ben, Stonehenge, Clifton Suspension Bridge and London Eye come in a close second with 3 finds/moves on each of them.
I am thinking of putting some of my own trackables up for adoption, 50 is far too many really, so if anyone is interested, let me know.

At the moment in my possession and waiting to move on I have two Mega Coins, one celebrating last years Scottish Mega

Scottish Mega Coin
This coin belongs to Captain Gore-Tex and currently doesn't have a mission. It is a beautifully detailed coin and is a nice weight. Not sure where I am moving it to yet, but it is due for a move shortly. This coin can be referenced by searching TB39QEM

The other mega coin that I recently picked up belongs to mumzoid970, not a name that I have seen before. Another nice design this one was given to the cacher by her family for her birthday. She would like it to be back in Oxford for her next birthday, March 2012, this coin can be referenced TB3Z878

Mumzoid970's Miner's Lamp Birthday Coin

At the moment I also have hold of Bully, a strange name for this TB. I never could resist picking up a Vdub camper van TB. Bully originates from Germany and his mission is to visit nice places, just what every campervan owner wants and craves. This TB can be referenced TB2B07F

Last, but not least I have bootifullyred's Blackpool Tower Geocoin. When I saw this coin listed in a cache I assumed for some reason that it would be in the shape of Blackpool Tower, but I was wrong. This is another nicely detailed coin that the owner has no goal for. Referenced TB1PPV4 this coin has currently travelled 431 miles.

Blackpool Tower Coin

When I pick a trackable up I dip it in to my home cache The TARDIS http://coord.info/GC1WGEQ to keep mileage accurate, especially if I am not planning on placing it in to a local to home cache.

I still don't know what to do about having a new coin made, the ideas have now changed, maybe a new Jeep coin, from a photo of my own Jeep, or a St. Christopher. Being the patron saint of travellers I do think this might be an appropriate one to have made.

Let me know your thoughts on the comments section, not only on which coin I should go for, but also on my name and shame Facebook idea.

Until next time.........................H A P P Y  C A C H I N G

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