9 Apr 2011

What's Been Happening (or not)

Once again caching has taken a back seat due to the amount of work that we have been doing. We have been travelling up and down the country, not only remapping, but also doing some car (and coach) reposessions. It helps to keep the wolf from the door.
Even when we have been travelling around, we haven't had time to cache. On the one occasion that we were going to do a couple the GPS failed on us. A first for the Oregon, once we got home we had to delete all the files and start again from scratch.

The good news is that I have now passed the 700 caches mark. Only just though as of now I stand at 705, I have got some work to do if I am to reach 1000 by Christmas.

My 700th cache was this one ~ Lady Jane http://coord.info/GC1EZJY down in Eastbourne at the marina there. Not exactly a spectacular cache, but the view of the few million pounds worth of watercraft was worth a look, followed by a nice strong coffee sat outside a marina coffee shop watching the world go by for half an hour.

Eastbourne Marina ~ view from Lady Jane cache

It was only a flying visit to Eastbourne to remap a car and then off home again. The motorhome is off the road until the beginning of next month when it will be taxed and then we hope to have a few days break at Shell Island in Wales, or maybe take the boats up to the Lake District.

Off the road until May
I am really pleased that the blog is getting a good following and has now passed the 3000 views mark. I hope that the viewings continue and that I people continue to enjoy reading about our adventures (even if they are few and far between sometimes)

In other news

I have been chasing up cachers (again) who have had hold of my trackables for far too long and this time I am pleased to say it has been fruitful. Out of the 10 people that I contacted who have had hold of either TB's or geocoins for more than 3 months, 8 have now got round to moving them on. Maybe the good weather has helped.

In the Great Travel Bug Knockout race my TB Knockout Ferrari has just been picked up again by a new cacher ~  Anothercell, over in the good old US of A, California in fact. They say that they hope to move it on a fair way, so I wonder where it will drive to next? So far in the race it is in 2nd place, having travelled 5729 miles since I set it free in this cache Woodland Wander #3 http://coord.info/GC2DKTZ just outside Barrow In Furness. It still has a way to go though to pass the current leader ~ BraveHeart which is currently in New Zealand having travelled a total of 11,942 miles. Luckily it didn't get caught up in the recent tragic earthquake. If you want to follow the race you can find it at http://www.travelbugknockout.blogspot.com/

I have sadly resigned at a committee member of the GAGB due again to work committments and the fact that I am unable to give enough time to the committee. I felt it unfair to be a member yet not be able to give 100% committment. I will still be on the forums as time allows but unfortunately at this time some things had to give and this one has had to go by the wayside.

Time or no time doesn't mean that I won't still be ready for the Summer's End event in September. Some cachers have already booked in at the campsite which is good news. It remains to be seen if it tops last years amazing turnout. I went up to the site the other day for a look round and I had forgotten just what amazing views there are from the site.

The next cache that I place will be my 100th placement. Maybe that will be the time to say enough is enough and not even think about placing any more for a while, there again, I do like to place them for people to find. We'll see.

Anyway, must go, sorry it has been a while. Don't forget to follow some of the other blogs, Fermi's (link at the top of the blog) is an interesting read.

Take care and back soon.

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Fermentum said...

Well done on the 700th Jakaru! Really great achievement and thanks for the blog mention.

Summer is coming now so I hope it will help me to get onto the 100 in 2011 I am aiming for!