18 Apr 2011



Wemnog and I have had a busy week, we have been to Birmingham (twice) Stockport and Aberystwyth. We have been working repossessing cars and building plant. Sadly, due to the nature of the work we haven't had any time for caching in any of those locations, sad or what?

In between times I have performed maintenance on a couple of my caches, one when was visiting my son Cameron up in the Peak District. This cache RubyCam Cache has one of the best views of any of my caches http://coord.info/GC1M8G9 I placed this cache in January 2009 and although not visited as often as I would have thought is popular with visitors. Having said that I am surprised that this one has no favourite votes on it. Here are a couple of views from ground zero.

View from GC1M8G9 RubyCam Cache
As you can see, two of these scenes were shot a while ago, both at different times during the winter. The town in the background of the middle photograph is New Mills. This is the town where I was born and my kids still live.

New Mills in the background

There are some good caches in the area, so if you are ever in this part of the Peak District do have a look for them.
These caches aren't too far from where the Summer's End 2011 camp will be held in September.

The second cache that I have had to do maintenance on this week was another old favourite that gets lots of visits, Meg & Rum's Wet Run. This one http://coord.info/GC1WPCT has so far had 92 logged visits since being placed in August 2009.
It only needed a new logbook, but seeing that the dogs needed a walk I was able to get there as soon as a full log book was reported and replace it. Whilst at both of these caches I swapped some trackables as well.

Wemnog and I have just started discussing the idea of walking the full length of the Pennine Way next year. Of course a lot of preparation will have to go in to this, including getting ourselves fitter and losing a bit of weight as well. I will definately have to check out what caches there are along the way.
The weather today is bright, warm and sunny, so hopefully this afternoon we will get out and do a bit of caching.
Until next time, have a good week.

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