18 Nov 2011

Good Weekend

Well with a forecast for a decent weekend weather wise it should be good for caching.

We haven't done much over the last few days, apart from planning a new cache that should go out in the next few weeks. Something different that I hope people will enjoy, we are having fun sorting it out.  I wasn't sure whether it would be possible or not, but having spoken to a couple of the reviewers I now know that it is.

In other exciting news, we have decided that next year will be the year that we finally set a date for our civil partnership, so watch this space.

The other major news that I keep promising you is coming, soon, and yes it will be great news for cachers everywhere, and something that I am really pleased to be involved with.

Finally, the North West Mega Committee have now announced that they have sorted out a camping venue for next years event. Details can be found on their website http://www.mega2012.org.uk/ The third coin in the series is also now available for sale, or you can order the full set, with the final coins being released next year, again, details are available on their website.

That's it, have a good weekend, go and find loads and enjoy yourselves, after all, that's what it's supposed to be about.

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