22 Nov 2011

Milestones and More


As you can see from the above number, there has been quite a jump in cache finds since I last entered a total. In fact this weekend we found 59 caches and there were 3 DNF's.

Most of this post will be of photographs taken over the weekend. My 1000th wasn't anything too spectacular, whereas Wemnog's was a spectacular Earthcache.

Over the course of the weekend we did an amazing 8 Earthcaches, all different and interesting in their own ways. We saw some stunning scenery whilst doing the Earthcaches, including one place that could have come from a Doctor Who, or post apolocalypic film set.

We found some excellent traditional caches as well whilst visiting the area. As I said, this edition of the blog is mainly to show you some things visually that we saw over the weekend rather than quoting information about this cache or that cache, so enjoy.

As we and others often say, one of the great things about caching is that you see places that you haven't visited, or dreamt of visiting.

This is an area that I knew well from years gone by, but I saw so many new things and areas that I just didn't know existed.

So it is always worth doing that bit of research if you are visiting an area and not just plonk some caches on the GPS and hope for the best. I guess next milestone for me will be 1500, my aim is to reach that one by March next year. People may sometimes say that it's not about the numbers, but do you know what, actually, sometimes it is. Why, because if I hadn't been chasing that magic 1000 mark I wouldn't have done half as many caches over the weekend and therefore not seen so many wonderful places.

Finally, it's always great to meet new enthusiastic cachers who you know, right from the first moment that you meet them, are going to be great people to have not only as fellow cachers, but friends as well. I reckon that there will be some amazing new caches right here in Nottingham very soon. You know whose don't you............Nigel and Jacqui, it's over to you.

Have a good week everyone and hello to my superfans, the small number who can't help reading this blog, even though they really don't want to, especially cos it winds them up so much................just in case they get a mention..........don't worry, you won't, and to everyone else, as Brucie and Tess might say.................Keeeeeeeeeeeeep caching!

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