27 Nov 2011

Playing Nicely

Seeing that some people still seem to dislike anything I have to say on my blog, it is sad that I am now posting to say that a group of us had a meeting a couple of weeks ago with Adam (bobbinz)  who is now the owner of Emcache and had a very interesting discussion with him regarding some members of that forum. It was very interesting that we seemed to come to the same conclusion as to who had been targeting my caches and sending emails.  If you cannot guess which people I am talking about I would suggest that you ask Adam to explain further.

When you see that this is the kind of thing being written locally then you know that there is a problem

santa_is_dead: i see svens cache is found....and shock the two wankers claim a blank logbook.

It comes as no surprise that another message came in this evening after my post regarding the GAGB elections, and apart from anything else goes to show how sad a few individuals are try to spoil caching for the majority.

If you do have anything to say to me, man up about it and use your name rather than sending annonymous messages, it really does show you for the cowards that you are. Now run along and play nicely.

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