1 Jul 2010

Castle Howard And Latest Geocoin News

We were remapping yesterday close to Castle Howard and thought that we would make the most of the beautiful weather and do some geocaching afterwards. The sun was shining, although the sky wasn't as blue as we have been seeing over the last few weeks.

We were very surprised to discover that there is a dearth of geocaches around there. We took for granted that there would be one near the memorial in the photograph. It is the Bulmer Hill memorial which isn't too far away from Castle Howard. In fact, looking down from the memorial you can see the gates of Castle Howard.

Now we thought that there was bound to be a cache sighted nearby, historical interest, great views, but alas nothing. So we ended up doing no geocaching again yesterday, but hey, we did get some great photographs of the poppy fields.

Driving around the country as we do, we are absolutely amazed at the amount of poppies that are around this year. Neither of us remember this many before. The warm weather must have something to do with it.

I have just received an email with a picture of the latest tweaks to the new coin. Hope you like what you are seeing. I have made a further couple of suggestions that I want altered, but it is getting there. I reckon that I should be ordering the sample coins within the next few days. Once I receive them, subject to everything being ok, I can put in my order for the first lot.

I would appreciate your comments on this new coin.

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Sarah said...

there are more poppies than usual around my way too, there is one field up on the Marlborough Downs that is just a block of solid red, lovely.