6 Jul 2010

Geocoin Ordered

Great news, I have just completed the order for the new United Kingdom geocoin. The latest pictures here show the coin design, the only alteration is that the United will be centralised with the Kingdom. The coin is going to be finished in antique gold. I will be launching it at the camping event in Derbyshire in September. The GC number for that event is GC2B8HZ. It hasn't been published yet, but hopefully it should be by the end of today.

If you are thinking about attending the camp, I do need to warn you that it is very basic, there is one toilet, one sink and no hot water!

However, the site only costs £2 per night per person so it isn't bad really.

This is the first event that I have held, so I am both nervous and excited about it. I have asked Kathy from UK Geocachers whether she will be able to attend on the Saturday evening after her shop has shut. Hopefully she will be able to and have some caching goodies with her that she will be selling.

If you don't want to do much cooking at the camp, there is a good cafe over the road and also a pub quite nearby.

Hopefully it will be well attended, but even if there are only a few of us we should have fun. I am even doing a quiz for people attending and there will be prizes for the people who get most answers correct.

More details will follow on here as they become available so keep your eyes open.

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